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how to replace a hard drive

how to replace a hard drive

If you’re comfortable with fiddling around with your computer and confident enough of your ability to fix your computer yourself, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t learn how to replace a hard drive if you need to. You do need to be familiar with the computer’s parts to be successful. Whether replacing a main or a backup hard drive (and you should determine which one needs replacing, first and foremost), as with other electrical equipment, always have safety in mind when opening up and handling your computer’s inner workings. Here is how to replace a hard drive.

  1. Unplug the computer. Unscrew the side panel and carefully lift if off. Place it somewhere safe and away from the area.

  2. Locate the hard drive. Inspect the ribbons and where they are connected to; the primary hard drive usually uses a blue ribbon. This will give you a clue on which hard drive to remove, depending on whether you’re replacing the hard drive or the backup drive.

  3. Unscrew the hard drive you’re replacing, and carefully take it out of its bracket.

    s difficult to remove, make sure the screws are all out. Never force it. Remember to put all the screws that you remove in a safe place so you won’t have a hard time finding it later. Also, a loose screw rolling around inside your computer could wreak havoc on its components.

  4. Disconnect the ribbon and unplug the power drive from the rest of the computer so you can remove it fully.

  5. If your new hard drive is IDE, you will need to check its jumper settings to make sure that the pin is set to “Master” or “CS” (cable select) when replacing the primary hard drive, or to “Slave” when it’s a backup drive you’re installing. If your hard drive has a different way of configuring the jumper settings or you’re unsure, consult the manual or check the manufacturer’s website. If your hard drive is SATA, then you’re in for a bit of good news: You don’t need to adjust their jumper settings.

  6. Connect the ribbon to the hard drive, replace the bracket, and screw back in.

  7. Put the side panel back on. Plug the computer power cord back in, switch it on, and boot up.

  8. If your hard drive is blank, format it. Your hard drive is now ready to use.

If it’s learning how to replace a hard drive that’s bugging you, well, you need fret no more. The process is easy and one you can do yourself. Use the money saved from not hiring a technician to go buy another component to upgrade. Pretty soon, you’ll be enjoying a more powerful, faster computer.


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