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how to replace window screens

how to replace window screens

Window screens do get old and worn out or sometimes torn up by pets and children. When this happens, it is time replace them. But you don’t need to call anyone because the steps on how to replace window screens are very easy to do.

  1. Remove the window screen and lay it down. Check if the window screen frame is in need of repair or replacement.

  2. Using a screwdriver, take out the end of the rubber spline and simply pull it out of the whole frame. The rubber spline holds the screen in place. It is relatively easy to take out. Once the rubber spline is out, you can easily remove the old screen wire. Check the spline for damages and see if it can still be used. If not, you can just buy a new one with the same width.

  3. Lay the window screen over the frame or roll it out. Cut the screen and allow at least two inches extra.

  4. Hold the rubber spline on one end and place it in one corner of the frame.

    Tuck it in place using a screwdriver or any similar tool. Doing this will hold also one end of the screen in place. Hold the end of the spline all the way down, keeping the screen in place. Using a screen roller, work your way down pushing the spline in place and subsequently the screen into the frame.

  5. Once you have reached the other corner, tuck in the rubber spline and hold it to the other end all the way down to the corner. Make sure that the screen is in place. Use the wire roller again to secure the spline in place. Repeat this until all the sides are done.

  6. Once the screen is attached to the frame, check the corners of the frame and ensure that the spline is secured. Push it with a screwdriver. Lastly, trim off the excess wire, using the outside edge of the spline as your guide.

Replacing window screens is a piece of cake. It’s so simple and easy and fast to do. So save up that money, and do yourself a favor; learn how to replace window screens.


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