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how to resolve conflict in a relationship

how to resolve conflict in a relationship

Mature people can resolve relationship conflicts more often than those who act childish. Young people are still focusing on the romantic side while experienced individuals know that the beauty of the relationship is not the destination but the journey to the destination. The character of the couple can be clearly seen in how they react to certain situations. How to resolve conflict in a relationship is easier done when pride is set aside. Conflicts will eventually happen no matter how careful you are. Knowing how to patch things up can minimize the downside of the union. Human beings can make mistakes, but being knowledgeable in how to fix the problems will make you a better person who can communicate, understand, and forgive shortcomings. Here are some hints to be more mature about it:

  1. Never judge your partner. Listen to their reasoning and try to understand them. You can only express how the action affects you, but you should never draw conclusions. Never rely on your feelings in the height of anger and frustration. Things are better off when you have calmed down.

  2. Communicate with your partner when there are circumstances that you do not understand in his or her dealings with you. Do not wait until your heart is filled with suspicions, unfounded theories, and disappearing plans. Sit down and talk at the slightest friction between you.

  3. Be the strength of your partner when he is weak. You are the support of your better half especially when troubled. Scrutinizing the partner when she is feeling low will be too damaging for the relationship. Be kind by letting these difficult times pass.

  4. Disagreements can happen between two different people. This does not mean that you don’t love your partner anymore when you constantly do not agree with him. Compromise is the key. Meet halfway and be as flexible as you can.

  5. Learn to separate that you are angry with the actions made and not to the person himself or herself. Remember that even if the person loves you so much, she is not perfect. Be reasonable when confronting issues if you have to.

  6. Know the scenario first regarding the offense directly from the one who committed it. Do not comment when you haven’t understood the real problem. Always give the partner the benefit of a doubt.

  7. When you are badly hurt, try to cool down first before talking to your partner. You might say hurtful things that you will soon regret. It’s not what your partner has done but how you react to it that matters most.

  8. Respect your partner at all times especially when he is desperately explaining why bad things have happened. Stop and listen without interfering. You will be loved more when you forgive a partner who’s so sorry with what has been done.

  9. Never try to win all arguments. Being right or wrong is not important. It’s how you treat your partner that counts.

Turn your differences into benefits because if you are very similar people, life will be too boring. How to resolve conflict in a relationship needs a lot of self-sacrifice. If you can do this, that’s a very clear indication that you really love your partner. Conflicts happen for a reason. Instead of putting all the blame on your partner, learn from the lessons that came out of it. This can give you more ideas on how to achieve a long-lasting relationship.


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