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how to restore your computer to factory settings

how to restore your computer to factory settings

Computers have become the backbone of our society. Ever since they became available to the public, computers have suddenly become a necessity instead of a luxury. Almost everybody needs them nowadays -- students, office employees, businesspersons and even those who just stay at home. Whether they are used for work or for recreational activities, computers have become a staple part of our lives. However, like every piece of technology, there are times that glitches and other types of malfunctions wreck havoc on computers. Learning how to restore your computer to factory settings can help you get back on track after your system experiences problems. Restoring your computer to its factory setting is like rebooting it to its default setting. Everything will be converted back to the way it was. This is why restoring your computer to its factory settings may fix certain glitches. However, you have to take into consideration that this is not a solution to all your computer problems. Some of the problems wherein a system restore is necessary include frequent error messages, disappearing files and a blank screen.

More often than not, a virus can be the cause of this problem. Depending on the degree of the virus, a quick system restore is just what you need. Power fluctuations or regular Windows updates can also be problems that are easily fixed by a system restore. Here are some quick steps to follow:

  1. Make sure that all the files you need are backed up. Restoring your computer’s factory setting will delete everything that you have -- pictures, documents, videos and all other files. You may also want to save all your browser information, such as bookmarks and passwords. Although others may say that some of the files and settings are saved even with a system restoration, it is not a good idea to gamble your important files. It is best to save everything to an external hard drive. Make sure that you have enough space to accommodate all your files.

  2. If you happen to have the installation CD of Windows, you can just re-install it. Simply put the CD in and just follow the instructions. However, today, they no longer include the Windows installation CD. What they do include is a recovery disk. You can also use this. It will be different for every computer. It is Acer eRecovery for Acer, Dell Factory Image Restore for Dell, HP PC System Recovery for HP and Sony Vaio Recovery Wizard for Sony.

  3. If there is no underlying problem with your Windows, you can start the recovery program within Windows. If there is, you can access it using your computer’s boot cycle.

  4. Once you have accessed it, pay attention to the on-screen instructions. It is different for every computer, but more often than not, it will ask you to press the Function Key.

  5. Since each brand of computer is different, these are general instructions. The first item you will see is a reconfirming page, asking you if you are certain that you want to continue with the process. Since you already backed up your files, click YES.

  6. At this point, you do not have to do anything except wait. A screen displaying the progress of the process will appear. Make sure that you don’t press anything. This may take an hour to several hours depending on the capabilities of your computer.

  7. The screen will inform you when the process is completed. You will have to reboot your computer. After this, you have to set everything up again, including you user account and settings.

  8. If everything went smoothly, you will be able to use your computer again. Install all necessary programs and import all your files from the external drive.

Although it is very frustrating to see your computer suffer from glitches, the steps on how to restore your computer to factory settings are easy and doable.


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