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How to Reverse Aging

How to Reverse Aging

The new developments on how to be reverse aging with advance technology are great but not everybody can afford them. Still a way needs to be found since there is a need to get comfortable with age without experiencing dreaded diseases. You’ll be delighted to know that you can accomplish this by disciplining yourself to do the following:

  1. Examine your life and identify activities, situations or circumstances that give you stress. Remove them from your lifestyle. Stress accelerates the aging process by destroying age-controlling DNA cells. If it is something that you cannot remove from your lifestyle like terminal illness, try to approach it from a positive perspective. Get a life coach, consult a psychologist or get involved in wellness activities.

  2. Do not expose yourself to intense sun rays. This can cause pre-mature wrinkles, facial discoloration and blemishes. If you can’t help going out when the sun is at its brightness, use an umbrella, hat or apply UV protection cream.

  3. Watch what you eat and drink.

    ighly fatty foods and toxic drinks such as alcohol and caffeine enhance body toxins. These intoxicating fluids hinder water processing which damages cells. Fats minimize the presence of regulatory acids in the internal system. Eliminate them totally or at least gradually lower your consumption of them until you are finally free.

  4. Limit your calorie count according to the recommended diet by your dietician. This lightens the burden on your heart and is a vital step toward longevity. Always eat a balanced diet.

  5. Take vitamins to supplement the nutrients that you don’t get from your daily meals. Choose antioxidants formula to neutralize the body’s free radicals. If you can’t have a regular intake of vegetables and fruits, take multi-vitamins instead.

  6. Rehydrate your body with an enormous supply of water. Water neutralizes acids and eradicates toxins. This pure liquid clears the urinary track, digestive and circulatory systems from harmful foreign elements. These toxins are removed by either urination or perspiration.

  7. Set an appropriate exercise plan for your daily work out. Design it in such a way that you will achieve your desired body shape. If you are athletic, join a group of like-minded individuals for healthy competition. If you have a bad back or knee, stretching exercises will minimize your pain. Aerobics, dance sessions and yoga are some other choices as well. Endorphins are produced during exercise that boost good mood naturally thus, relieving stress. Your joints and bones will be relaxed, strengthened and better lubricated with regular exercise.

  8. Do not ignore any sleep disorder. Consult a doctor for underlying diseases or learn to relax just prior to going to bed. Dispense lavender scents in your bedroom, have a nice massage with essential oils or meditate just by counting your breaths.

How to reverse aging is attainable especially when you don’t smoke. Although the above suggestions are helpful, you also have to consider your present condition. The purpose of the above recommendations is not to suffer - but to make our existence more enjoyable. Choose your activities based on what is feasible for your physical well-being and don’t forget to actually enjoy them.


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