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how to reverse diabetes

how to reverse diabetes

The world will be better off without diabetes, but what can we do if its existence is already here? Worse yet, the number of people suffering from it are increasing. Knowing how to reverse diabetes is vital for the affected. How to reverse diabetes is possible if one is interested enough to really do it. Many are now aware of the food restrictions, but one can still manage how to enjoy sugary treats and carbohydrate-filled delicacies during special occasions. Here are some tricks if not tips to reverse diabetes even during the most tempting season:

  1. Balance your carbohydrate or sugar intake with protein food sources. This can aid in stabilizing sugar levels in the blood. Take note that the right amount of protein will also prevent swelling or inflammation especially of the feet of a diabetic patient. Just avoid meats cooked at high temperatures because they are sources of saturated fats that can disrupt blood flow in the circulatory system.

  2. Always bring with you some supply of healthy snacks so that when you are over the limit on fats, sugar, and carbohydrates, you won’t be out of place.

    You still have something to nibble on while other guests continue their indulgences. You’ll have more fun at the party when you know that you are eating something that won’t give you a hard time later on. This will not make you indifferent to the crowd or anti-social because you are eating at the same time with them.

  3. As many people become health conscious, food manufacturers are incorporating healthy alternatives into their products to satisfy the market. Low-fat, no sugar, and no cholesterol treats are now available. Read the labels before buying. Stay away from trans fat and high fructose corn syrup.

  4. Do not patronize processed foods, artificial snacks, and preservatives in seasonings. These are the main sources of sodium, trans fat, and high fructose corn syrup. They can block arteries in the heart leading to heart ailments and cause the sugar levels in the blood to fluctuate among diabetics. They must be avoided at all costs, diabetic or not. Uncontrolled diabetes can complicate the heart, liver, and nervous system.

  5. If your diet does not normally include fish, get Omega-3 supplements. They can be in the form of tablets or capsules. This can regulate the effects of an excessive carbohydrate intake, thus protecting the body from harm. Salmon is a good source of Omega-3 and is ideal to be consumed at least once a week. Just avoid deep-fried fish because it will have more saturated fats than the good Omega-3s.

  6. Update your diabetes reversal guide regularly. Continuing medical studies are bringing us new findings to tackle the disease. Take advantage of these updates especially when the degree of your diabetes is still controllable. You might one day find a remedy that is a lifesaver for you and for those people living around you who are also diagnosed with the disease. Information is a powerful tool that can aid you for your success in your battle with diabetes.

You might find it tough to implement how to reverse your diabetes especially when you are too lazy to do something. Reversing this degenerative syndrome will require you to exert some efforts in changing your ways. Not wanting to walk for 30 minutes is not an excuse not to exercise. You can do other physical activities that you enjoy if you are dedicated to reversing your diabetes before it’s too late.


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