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How To Run Multiple Apps On IPhone

How To Run Multiple Apps On IPhone

There many people who are always on the go doing multi-task all the time, hoping to accomplish more in a given day. Just like most goal-oriented people out there, time is of the essence. Often, they make use of the latest iPhone technology to help them with their everyday activities. If you have this gadget, then you should know how to run multiple apps on an iPhone so you can enjoy it to its full potential. The concept of running multiple applications on your iPhone is, more or less, the same as the way you do it on your desktop or laptop computer. For example, you are playing a movie on your computer and, at the same time, you are using the internet, and doing a job using Microsoft Word: it is just another way of saying you’re running multiple applications on your computer. Almost the same holds true with your iPhone. You can expect your iPhone to be loaded with different applications that allow you to be more flexible in meeting your tasks for the day. You can certainly run multiple applications on it without closing one program to make way for another one to operate.

In fact, you have the option to simply suspend the running of the one application, when not in use, in lieu of another one that requires your immediate attention. If you have your new iPhone and you want to explore more of its capabilities, try to use its different applications by going through these very simple steps.

  1. Choose and run your desired application. Your brand new iPhone is likely to be equipped with different software that can be used simultaneously. When you want to run multiple applications in it, just choose and tap on each and every one of them.

  2. Tap the Home button. If you have chosen an application and it is running, and you then need to open another application, you really do not have to close the first running application. Just tap the Home button and you are free to choose the other application you would like to run.

    The operation of the first running application is automatically suspended, or temporarily frozen, while waiting for you to tap on it again to make it run once more.

  3. Tap twice the Home button. If you want to see all the applications that are running, just tap twice the Home button and all the running applications will be shown. Then choose which application you would like to deal with or to re-launch. By swiping, or using the scroll button, you can go either left or right to find the location of the application you want to re-launch.

  4. If you want to close an application, just tap and hold it until the application starts to shake. Once the red circle with an ‘x’ appears, press it and the application will close. Tap the Home button again to bring the iPhone back to normal operation, ready for another application to be opened.

These are the basic steps on how to run different applications on your iPhone device. Over time, you will become more acquainted with how to switch from one application to another. Always make sure that the application you intend to run is compatible with your iPhone. A compatible application refers to an application that is updated with the proper code. Since your iPhone works like a computer, the gadget’s memory plays a very important role in running multiple applications. Thus, the bigger the memory of your iPhone, the better it can perform while running multiple applications. Remember that iPhone multi-tasking is something new that many developers are constantly looking into while improving this particular technology. Hence, it is fair to say that there is no guarantee that all iPhone applications will actually multi-task. Even so, the above steps on how to run multiple apps on iPhone are for you to explore and discover. Be sure to enjoy your versatile phone.


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