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how to save gasoline

how to save gasoline

Knowing how to save gasoline has two beneficial effects. First, there will be fewer pollutants emitted into the air. Second, it will keep your wallet from being drained continuously. The first advantage has a stronger impact on today’s world climate change issue. Fossil fuels are one of the main contributors to the global warming phenomenon. Once a fossil fuel gets burned, greenhouse gasses are generated, and they accumulate in the atmosphere. Gasoline is one of them. Though gasoline is far better than diesel fuel, the fact remains that once they are burned, they emit greenhouse gases. Learning how to save your gasoline is one good way to curb global warming. Below are practical tips you can follow to be proactive in saving the environment and few dollars.

  1. Proper car engine maintenance. On one hand, a well-maintained engine is a fuel efficient engine. Your car will have better mileage, and your engine will produce cleaner burns in the process. On the other hand, poor engine maintenance increases fuel consumption and lowers gas mileage.

    Obviously, it also produces more pollutants due to improper burning or compression of the fuel in the engine cylinders.

  2. Plan trips ahead. Part of the planning is to find the shortest way to get to your destination. Doing so may allow you to avoid traffic via an alternate route. The shortest way to get to your desired destination means less fuel consumption.

  3. Leave early for long trips. This is to escape heavy traffic. Also, you can enjoy the travel while it’s still cool. Leaving early before the sun comes up spares the car’s air conditioner from being used. Take note that when the car air conditioner is on, fuel consumption also increases because the power comes from the engine.

  4. Travel light. Travelling light, according to studies, helps you reduce you fuel consumption. This is true because the heavier the load, the more fuel an engine has to burn. The concept of travelling light with discounts offered by airline companies is likewise applicable to cars. The lighter the load, the lower the fuel consumption.

  5. As much as possible, quick stops should be avoided. Making quick stops and stepping on the brakes in an abrupt manner increases fuel consumption. Remember, in first gear, the engine generates more power to get the car moving. Essentially, quick stops put you back in first gear, which means more fuel consumption. It’s the same when you immediately step on the brakes.

  6. The idle time of your car must be minimized. If your car will be idle for a long time, it is better to stop the engine.

  7. Cruise when you are on the highway. The faster you go (up to a certain point), the lower the fuel consumption. Once the engine is super energized, all of its internal system performs like brand new one.

  8. Be aerodynamic. Travel with the car windows closed. Doing so minimizes wind friction.

  9. Drive safely. This will make your journey go smoothly. Driving carefully ensures better judgment, thereby reducing the frequency of unnecessary stops.

  10. Stay focus and be on guard. Nothing beats a wide awake and alert driver to ensure safety. Always keep your eyes on the road.

These 10 practical tips we have identified will teach you how to save gasoline. In so doing, you are not only saving a portion of your money but are also actually saving mother earth. Keep your cool and be eco-friendly.    


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