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How to Save Money on International Flights

How to Save Money on International Flights

The common money-saving advice given for those who travel – whether internationally or locally – is to avoid eating at the airport because their food prices are hiked up due to the monopoly and location.  One can either pack a sandwich or eat prior to going to the airport. For international flights, money-saving tactics can save you even more money if you will be going through multiple airports. This article shares tips on how to save money on international flights. The tips focus on the strategic purchase of the tickets and packing for the flight.

  1. Look at connecting flights instead of non-stop flights

    If you are not in a rush to get to your destination, you might want to consider booking connecting flights. Flights with a layover are often cheaper than direct, non-stop flights. Make sure that there is enough time between flights so you can make your next flight in case the previous one is delayed.

    You will also get a chance to stay at the layover city for a while.

    your layover is in a different country than your destination country, you might want to stay in that country for a day or so. Most likely, the airline will charge the same fare, and you’ll get to visit the country properly instead of just setting foot at the airport.

  2. Buy round-trip tickets

    This is for those who need one-way tickets. Even when you won’t need the return ticket, consider buying round-trip tickets anyway. For some reason, most airlines price round-trip tickets cheaper than one-way tickets. This could be because they don’t want you to buy from other airlines. If the round-trip price is significantly lower, buy it and just do not use the return flight.

  3. Look at round-trip flights leaving from and arriving at the same airport

    If you book flights that leave from and arrive at the same airport, those are often cheaper than booking an open-jaw flight. An open-jaw flight is airline jargon for flights that leave at airport A, arrive at airport B but on the return flight, it leaves at airport C to airport A. The gap could be because you drove from airport B to C. If you trace these flight routes on a map, they form an open jaw, hence the jargon. You gain another advantage of booking flights to and from the same airport when you rent a car.

  4. Buy local

    Another strategy to save money is to buy tickets in the local currency. Your usual practice might be to buy all the tickets prior to the trip. However, there are times when the local ticket prices in your destination country are cheaper than if you bought them from home using US dollars. This is often true when there is a high exchange rate so your dollars have a higher value in the destination country. Verify the price difference by changing the settings of the airline website to show local rates. You might need to have the site translated if it’s not in English.

  5. Save on baggage fees

    A good tip to save money on international flights is to limit your luggage to what the airline allows without charging extra baggage fees. All airlines allow hand-carry luggage. Some allow a bag or two to be checked in. Look at the luggage weight restrictions and plan accordingly. Wear your heaviest items – jacket, jeans and sneakers – instead of packing them. Do not pack too much if you can buy them in your destination country, where they’re sometimes cheaper.

Since international trips are often long trips, keep in mind that saving money will not make you happy if your flight is uncomfortable. You might regret scrimping too much. As you look at the above-mentioned ways on how to save money on international flights, consider how they will impact your experience. For example, if you have a favorite brand of a personal item like deodorant, leaving that at home to save on baggage fees will not be a good idea, once you find out that they don’t sell it at your destination.


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