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how to save on auto insurance

how to save on auto insurance

While insurance is just like anything else which you need to secure and comply with, that doesn’t mean that you have to over spend to buy it. There are a number of ways on how to save on auto insurance in order to protect your wallet from draining. Similar to any merchandise you need, you should shop around comparing different rates before spending. Before jumping into the kind of auto insurance you believe is fit for your car, budget, and needs, you ought to know that dealers of this kind of insurance have three classifications. Your research will reveal that the first classification refers to independent insurance agents who give out different types of insurance by meeting their prospective clients privately. The second class pertains to direct writers who often times deal with their customers either through phone calls or via Internet communication. The third kind of insurance dealers are those insurers who transact with their clientele using middlemen technically called exclusive agents. The Internet is just a click away, and there is no reason why you cannot perform your own study and research about auto insurance.

There is no rush in obtaining the kind of insurance you need, henceforth, you have the luxury of time to discover and find out important pre-purchase tips and tricks. To maximize your savings, you can read through the following.

  1. Do your homework. This includes your basic responsibility to shop around and check on different insurance groups. You will find out that company A may have higher quotes than companies B or C. Logically you don’t have to settle with the first company you find because it really pays to move forward a little for a more comprehensive quotes comparison.

    This homework can be accomplished using your telephone or using the Internet. As you go along, the person or persons you will be conferring with are actually insurance agents. It is recommended that you stay honest while you talk to them so that they can properly assess your auto insurance needs and eventually give you competitive quotes. Write down every detail you gather because your memory cannot possibly absorb everything, especially when you are trying to collect or refer to insurance quotes, which are numerical in nature.

  2. Make sure you truly finish your defensive driving lesson. The most common way of availing discounts is to prove that you have really completed your driving class successfully in any recognized driving institution. Your course can either be some kind of an advance defensive driving training or the basic beginner’s driving class mostly availed of young people and teenagers. Driving training can actually bring about at least 10% less in your insurance premium.

  3. Your great performance in school counts a lot. Another achievable way of getting insurance discounts is to show your excellent performance academically. A college student, for instance, who earned a general point average of at least 3.0 or better can practically get as high as a 25% discount. Consider also the so-called group discounts, association discounts, safety device discounts, loyalty discounts, and retirement discounts. Any of these items may be available to you by the time you apply for your auto insurance. Find out and save more.

  4. Insure only the car or cars you actively drive and not inoperable cars. This is an indirect way of saying that you are not supposed to maintain an insurance policy on an idle car that you are no longer using. It may be that you still have a policy on such vehicle but you can actually drop the same from your insurance coverage by classifying it as inoperable. If you do not do that, then you are just wasting your money in paying the premium pertaining to it. To be guided more accordingly, you better inquire from your insurance bureau about this aspect. Ask them in particular about the standard and process of dropping a car from the insurance policy coverage, presuming that dropping is allowed.

  5. Choose to pay the premium in full if possible. It is a very elementary principle in sales that if the price of a given commodity is paid in full, a huge discount always comes along with it. The same is true for auto insurance. Normally, premium payment is scheduled either monthly or quarterly. If your budget allows, pay the premium for the entire year or at least half of it and be surprised with how much money you can save.

Amongst the numerous tips and tricks on how to save on auto insurance the five items we have just identified are the most basic ones. As long as you focus on these items, you will never go wrong. Just do your homework, show proof that you finished your driving class, obtain good grades in school, insure only the car you use and pay the whole premium if possible. That’s all. Keep the rest of your money!


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