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how to say I love you in German

how to say I love you in German

Love can be expressed in many different ways and in different languages.  Let me show you how to say I love you in German. They say it is one of the most romantic languages and that makes it very appropriate in expressing this feeling.  Sometimes, saying it differently makes the intensity and meaning more passionate.  Here are three ways to say “I love you” using the German language:

  1. Ich liebe dich.  This is the most common and informal way.  It is usually spoken by lovers and married couples.  The intensity of love as a feeling is strong as it bonds two people together.  Couples should always say this to each other as often as they can.  They should be reminded that they are together because of this certain good feeling called love.  Other relationships where this is applicable is the love between a child and his or her parents or maybe a grandmother to her dearly beloved grandchild. However it is used, the feeling and bond is obviously very strong.  This can also be used for other relationships where love is felt very intensely.

  2. Ich habe dich gerne.  This is less serious, which also means “I care for you.”  This is usually used by people who are less expressive of their feelings. This is more on the safe side as it also means just caring for someone and not loving per se.  For others, this is the modern way of saying “I love you.”  The feeling is there but it seems non-committal and less dramatic.  This is more applicable for young couples, for puppy loves and infatuations too. Though you may not be going to Germany, learning to express this phrase in another language can spice up your love life.  The effort will surely be appreciated.

  3. Ich hab dich lieb. This is more than “I like you” but not as much as “I love you.”  This is usually expressed to friends or little kids.  It is a very casual expression of love.  Friends do say “I love you” to each other but the intensity is not as much as for lovers or married couples. This is a special kind of love but is a much different feeling.  As kids are adorable and charming, we tend to say this phrase to them.  Especially when they win our attention through their cuteness and smart antics.  This is more of an expression of adoration and appreciation.  In modern countries, this is already tantamount to saying “I love you” to a love interest.

Learning how to say I love you in German is important, especially if you plan a trip to Germany or any German speaking country. Who knows -- your journey could end in love.  Should you have German friends, they will appreciate it too if you take the effort to speak these simple but sweet phrases of love.  It adds spice to your connections, which will lead to a closer bond.  Learning the responses of these phrases in German will also help so that you can respond accurately once these words are spoken to you. Learning another language is fun and it has a lot of advantages too.


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