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how to say I love you in Hebrew

how to say I love you in Hebrew

Love makes the world go round, so it is important to express it in any way.  How to say I love you in Hebrew can easily be learned. You may not get the chance to speak Hebrew, but at least you can utter these beautiful phrases. It will be very impressive for non-Hebrew speaking people to actually pronounce the phrases correctly and understand their true meanings. Being courteous is very important in whatever language you speak. Speak it correctly so as not to offend others. Here’s how:

  1. Ani ohev otach is for a male saying “I love you” to a female.  This is the traditional way.  The man expresses his feelings of affection to his wife, girlfriend or love interest.  It is also spoken by a father or a grandfather to his daughter or granddaughter respectively. Note the gender determining word. It would be funny to hear a man speaking the words of women. Don’t make a fool out of yourself – better not speak it if you don’t know how to differentiate.

  2. Ani ohevet otcha is for a female saying “I love you” to a male.

    ually uttered by a lady to her husband or boyfriend.  It is also expressed by a mom or grandmother to her son or grandson respectively. The two letters added to the second word, which is “et,” and the addition of “a” on the pronoun make the phrase suitable for a female speaker. This is a general structure for the Hebrew language.

  3. Ani ohevet otach is for female to female application.  This may be referring to a lesbian relationship.  Lady friends can also use this phrase. In this case, the addition of “et” on the second word is the same as when a female is saying “I love you” to a male, but the last word is without the additional “a” letter.

  4. Ani ohev otcha is for male to male.  This may be referring to a gay relationship, which is quite common these days. Here, the word in the middle is the same as the male speaker saying “I love you” to a female, but there’s an additional “a” for the last word. It seems complicated but it actually makes sense.

It is a fact that for over a thousand years Hebrew was the language of romance, so it is interesting to know how to say I love you in Hebrew. Better yet, the intensity of the feeling is not the only highlight of these expressions of love. Being gender-sensitive is one of a kind. Knowing the right structure will make your love interest fall head over heels in love with you for the effort. If you choose to be ignorant, do not be surprised if you get a slap on the face instead. You should not mess around using a language that is respectful to gays and lesbians.


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