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how to say I love you in Japanese

how to say I love you in Japanese

Western people are noted to be direct when it comes to declarations of love. “I love you” is often used in many circumstances regardless of the degree of intensity. Learning how to say I love you in Japanese shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It’s the height of a person’s feelings for commitment, devotion and surrender. This is not just stated for the sake of it. There are two initial stages of one person’s love status before you can finally say “I love you” in Japanese, according to their culture. This is not an easy topic to explain for multi-cultural readers, but if you are planning to date a Japanese girl, you should know at least when to say “I love you.” You do not have to say it in Japanese. Just know the protocol, so as not to give the impression that you are just fooling around. Here’s how to play safe:

  1. “Suki desu,” which means “I like you,” is said when a man is asking a woman out. “Suki desu! Tsukiatte kudasai” or “I like you! Please go out with me.” This is the first stage when a man is certain that he has met the woman that he wants to get to know better.

    ot the kind of “I like you” statement that you can just say openly. This is more used during courtship. If you want to impress your future date with your Japanese language skills, “suki desu” are words for a blossoming love.

  2. “Daisuki desu” can be used when you’ve been constantly dating a Japanese girl. This is in between like and love. It means that you like her in a big way. It is like saying “I adore you,” but since there’s no direct translation just remember that this is still a declaration of love at the second level. Don’t say this unless you mean it. You don’t want to give false hopes to the poor girl that the relationship is indeed progressing.

  3. “Ai shite iru” is the “I love you” that will bind you seriously in the kind of man-woman romantic relationship – when reciprocated. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. Cultural differences can be too much for people who are not prepared for it. Language barriers can also make an interracial relationship harder, but if you are really into her, it can be successful.

While learning to say “I love you” to please a foreign love interest is a romantic endeavour, when you do this to somebody with a very limited understanding of the English language or your own culture, the words “I love you” or “Ai shite iru” can be deeply misunderstood. Be careful in your execution on how to say I love you in Japanese. Mean everything you say and know the Japanese culture concerning this. The last thing you want is to be in trouble with someone you like.


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