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how to say I love you in Russian

how to say I love you in Russian

There are many epiphanies that could occur while living in a country with very different cultural values as yours. For example, you can see very clearly the contrasting views for simple things like saying “I love you.” How to say I love you in Russian involves not only the romantic but also the spiritual aspect of life. It is reserved for that once-in-a-lifetime special person that will be your partner for the rest of your life. This is the belief of Russians, especially of those from the countryside. It may not be the case for people living in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Modernization has taken its toll, especially in big cities worldwide. So, it’s not surprising to find a Russian girl visiting or residing in other countries who is fond of saying “I love you.” She’s just probably adapting to the culture of the foreign country. Perhaps the following information can help you in understanding when “I love you” must be spoken to a Russian:

  1. “I love you” in Russian is “Ya tebya liubliu” pronounced as “ya tebya lyublyu.

    ussian phrases are already arranged in grammatical forms, this can be said independently, like saying “I love you” right away without using it in a sentence. You just have to know the proper timing if you want to be culturally correct for the Russian person who is the center of your affection.

  2. The Russian language is not in line with French and Italian as the most romantic of languages – but when you say “I love you” in Russian, it’s not only romantic, but it is also filled with undying commitment for physical, emotional and spiritual union. This is indeed a very serious thing, so be serious when saying those words.

  3. “I love you” is for husbands and wives according to the Russian fairy tale romances of princes and princesses. This phrase was, in fact, sacred for legal couples in those ages, and this concept still exists in the rural areas of Russia. In fact, there’s a popular opinion stating that if you hear a Russian girl saying “I love you” to a man she isn’t married to; she’s probably not a fairy tale princess.

  4. There are many ways of confessing your love to a Russian, before you finally say “I love you” in Russian. The exclusivity of these words of love may be taken from the Orthodox mysticism, or perhaps just the nature of the conservative Russians. If this is the case, you have reasons to celebrate when you hear these words of love from your Russian true love.

How to say I love you in Russian will be more meaningful when you are knowledgeable about the fairy tale behind it. This will give more value to these words of love and to the person saying them. The modern-day, fast-paced lifestyle will be more meaningful when there’s one simple phrase that can mean the world to people in love.   


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