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how to say no to a date

how to say no to a date how to say no to a date

There are girls who don’t know how to say no to a date. For some reason, they find it difficult to refuse an invitation. If you don’t like the guy at the onset, are not comfortable with his company, have another commitment, or have some other things to do, say no to a date. It is much better to say no right at the start than giving the guy false expectations. However, there are guys who are very persistent and pushy. They don’t take no for an answer. They’ll keep on inviting you through emails, phone calls, or text messages. In cases like these, what will you do? Read on below for the answers.

  1. Don’t be rude. If someone asks you out on a date, answer in an appropriate manner. Don’t be harsh in refusing the offer. Once you become rude, that can fire back on you. Saying something like “I’m sorry Paul, I can’t go out because I need to do something important tonight” is considered fair and appropriate. For sure, you don’t want to hurt the person inviting you.

  2. Be honest.

    r a good thing to lie. Avoid lame and vague excuses. Reasons like “I will be busy this weekend” are not acceptable. If the guy insists, tell him nicely that you can only offer friendship and nothing more. If you are already committed to someone else, then tell him. In that way, he will realize that it is no longer proper to ask you out on a date.

  3. Avoid making promises. Making promises which you cannot fulfill will only complicate the situation. Nothing is more tiring than waiting for someone who will never show up. You can hurt the guy if you say “I’ll see you tonight” and you don’t really come. In other words, it is fair to free him from expecting your presence.

  4. Offer friendship. There are a number of people who end up being the best of friends rather than being lovers. He may not be a boyfriend, but he can be a potential best friend. In fact, there are men who prefer friendship rather than being thrown out like a piece of junk. When you become friends, you both will find it easy to get along with each other. You can share common interests or help each other on certain activities. Turning down a date doesn’t always have to be painful if you know how to handle it.

  5. Be polite. Politeness is a potential key in order to start a good friendship. When you are invited on a date, don’t assume that the guy likes you romantically. It is possible that he just wanted to befriend you and nothing else. If you are impolite, you lose the chance of gaining one more friend.

  6. Go on a group date. This tip is applicable if you can’t really find the words to refuse an invitation. Bring your friends so that the guy cannot make any advances on you. Besides, a group date is more fun and lively. If he plays volleyball, you and your friends can join him.

  7. Stay nice. Saying no to a date does not mean total avoidance. If the guy is still following you the next day, there is no reason to be unkind to him. Just as usual, say “Hi” or “Hello” and that’s it. If he gives a present, accept it and say “Thank you for being thoughtful.”

There are really no established and standard rules on how to say no to a date. It is all up to you to stay civil and respectful. Rather than hurting the person, see him as a prospective person who could be your good friend in the long run.


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