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How to Scrunch Hair

How to Scrunch Hair

Women scrunch their hair to add volume and texture to it. If your hair is naturally wavy, it is a perfect candidate for scrunching. The process will help you avoid all the frizziness associated with wavy hair, and at the same time it will make it more manageable. If you have straight hair, however, fret not. You can still make it wavy by learning how to scrunch hair. Here are the steps to follow when scrunching your hair:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that you only put conditioner on the ends of your hair, since it can weigh it down and make it harder to scrunch. Rinse it very well. If you have stick-straight hair, use a shampoo that is meant for hair that will be curled. It is more lightweight than regular shampoo, making it easier for you to style your hair accordingly.

  2. Towel dry your hair. The goal here is not to totally dry your hair, but to stop it from dripping. Hold your head upside down and squeeze the excess water from it. You can also just hold the towel in your hands and separate your hair into small sections.

    Next, bunch up the sections in the towel and squeeze. This will give your air some pre-scrunching curl. Avoid rubbing your hair. You do not want to make it look frizzy.

  3. Put a golf-ball-sized amount of mousse in your palm and rub your hands together. Apply the mousse to large sections of your hair, starting from the ends to your roots. Give the hair gentle squeezes as you go along. Continue doing this in smaller sections. If you have really long hair, you can add more mousse. If you don’t have mousse on hand, smaller amounts of a simple hair gel will do.

  4. If your hair is naturally wavy, use some butterfly clips to clip small sections of it near the roots. Another thing that you can do is to make small buns and secure them with elastic bands. The buns do not have to be perfectly made and neat; they can be a little bit messy. While your hair is clipped or in buns, spray it with a strong old hairspray. Let it sit like that for about 30 minutes. Then, remove the clips and let it fall down, all the while scrunching each section. To hold the scrunches, apply some hair gel in the same way that you applied the mousse. Gently comb your hair with your fingers and arrange it as you wish.

  5. If your hair is straight, you can use a hairdryer diffuser to scrunch it. Attach the diffuser to the end of your blow dryer, then gather a section of your hair and let the diffuser cup hold it in one place until it has dried. Avoid moving the diffuser around as this will straighten the hair. Continue doing this to other parts of your hair until it’s dry. Apply more mousse or hair gel to your hair to hold it. Finally, if your hair is still not as wavy as you want it to be, you can use a curling iron to add curls to it or to add more body to the scrunched sections. Apply some strong hold hairspray to it so that it lasts throughout the day.

It does not matter whether your hair is naturally straight or wavy. Knowing how to scrunch your hair will definitely help you enhance your appearance and beauty.


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