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how to sell a car in texas

how to sell a car in texas

Due to the fact that not all states have the same requirements in terms of selling or buying new and used cars, it is important that you understand the laws governing your particular state when it comes to selling or buying cars. If you reside in Texas and want to sell your vehicle, you better know how to sell a car in Texas, so you can do so properly. In Texas, there are few steps you need to go through so you can be assured that the transaction is perfectly legal.

  1. Clean and fix your car to keep it in the best possible condition. Thoroughly clean your vehicle and take care of minor repairs in order to maximize your selling profit. Cleaning must include repairing those minor mechanical problems so that it stays completely functional upon selling.

  2. You should advertise. For advertising purposes, you can take photos of your vehicle and place it in local newspapers. You can also choose online advertising and online selling by simply registering on eBay.

    com. Become a member and enjoy the advantage of going into online transactions. On eBay you have a higher volume of traffic, which can translate into quick sales.

    Locally, you can park your car near the highway or in front of your house with “for sale sign” that reads used car for sale by owner. Make sure the area has high traffic so that the probability of selling your vehicle earlier is also high.

  3. Personally meet the buyer. Even if you meet your buyer online, you should insist on seeing him in person. As much as possible, avoid concluding any sale transaction on the Internet so are not a victim of any form of online fraud. When you finally meet, you can possible request him to inspect your car so you can eventually agree on a fixed selling price.

  4. Make your car title available. Texas law requires you to provide the buyer with a Texas Certificate of Title or (form 130-U). Make sure that you have the right to sign the title over to the buyer once the purchase contract is signed. Remember you cannot transfer a title to a third party if there is any prior encumbrance on the title. In other words, you’re not allowed to transfer title or ownership in Texas if there are prior liens on the title.

  5. The vehicle title application. Upon closing the sale, at the back of your car title, fill in your name and date followed by your signature. The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) can assist with the vehicle title application form on which you need to properly indicate in Box No. 18 the odometer reading. Just find the “Odometer Disclosure” portion and sign there. Continue to Box No. 21 and look for Section A for your car’s selling value. Then, in Box No. 22 write in your name, date, and signature.

  6. Understand the Texas Lemon Law. This law for selling new or used vehicles is not much different from most states; however, visit Texas’ DMV to familiarize yourself with the said law. Knowingly selling a lemon can lead to serious legal problems, so make sure that the car you’re selling is as advertised.

Remember, you have around 30 days to successfully notify the DMV. Don’t worry, there will be no incidental charges and fees whatsoever in selling a vehicle in Texas that has a Texas title. After reading this article on how to sell a car in Texas, any Texas-based car seller would now at least have an idea what the governing laws are when selling a car as a private party. Texas is actually is one of the easiest states in which to sell a car as a private party; just make sure you do some research and talk to people at the Texas DMV if you need advice before selling.  


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