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how to sell a car on ebay

how to sell a car on ebay

Many people know that you can sell and buy different kinds of stuff on eBay, but not many are aware that it is possible to sell cars on eBay. If you haven’t tried selling anything on eBay, then the process may be a mystery to you. However, you shouldn’t worry that much. Learning how to sell a car on eBay is not as difficult as you think it is. A positive aspect concerning eBay is that you’ll get to sell your car fast. You can auction your car for a week's duration or less. But, of course, that depends on the appearance, condition and price of your car. You can do research on how to sell through eBay by visiting their site. However, if you don’t have much time, here are some tips regarding selling cars on eBay:

  1. Before selling your car, make sure that you research the usual price of the car. Consider how old your car is and its overall condition and features. Visit eBay and look into the price list of the cars sold there. By doing this, you will get an idea regarding the worth of your car. There are also other sites that provide price listings of used cars.

  2. Since you're selling the car online, you should show proof that your car is in good condition. Do this by taking pictures of your car. Make sure that you take different angles of the outer part of your car. Also, include the inside features and appearance of the vehicle. Take pictures of the wheels, engines and other parts and details of your car. When taking pictures, it is important to be honest. Do not hide the defects of your car. You can still sell a slightly damaged car, like the ones with a scratch or dent, but they should be sold at a reasonable price. If there are defects, have them fixed first before you sell the car.

  3. You should also provide all the legal documents for your car. Get the title order, VIN number and bill of sale. You can also show other important paperwork. With this, you will get the trust of the buyers. Since you’re selling the car online, this will serve as the ultimate proof that you own the car.

  4. When you have prepared all the necessary documents, pictures and other paperwork, you should then sign up on eBay. Visit their site and make your own account. When you’ve already signed in to eBay, click “sell.” Navigate to the automobile section of the site. After doing this, categories of different vehicles will pop up on the screen. Choose the category that matches your car. Be sure that you click the exact category. You should then select a sub-category. With this, specify the type, model and brand of your car. Recheck the information you have input before clicking the “save and continue” button.

  5. You should highlight the special features of your car, if there are any. You can use selling techniques to attract buyers to your car. Don't mention features that your car doesn't possess. You should then save the information and continue to the next step.

  6. You should then enter the VIN or vehicle identification number of your car. This is necessary so that the buyers can check the history and records of your car. You should then list all the important information and details of your vehicle. Use attractive language in your description, but be accurate and honest.

  7. The next thing to do is to enter the price of your car. Input the minimum bid for your vehicle. Also, include the mode of payment and shipment. If you want to have a meet-up with the buyer, you should specify those details. Hit the “save and continue” button. Check all the information you’ve just entered before finally saving. Then you just have to wait until someone bids for your car.

The steps on how to sell a car on eBay are not at all complicated. All you have to do is click and enter the necessary details and information about your car. It is very important to prepare all the needed documents and pictures before actually posting it on eBay. Just be honest and know how to negotiate with your client. And with just a few clicks, your car will surely be purchased, given the fact that it’s in great condition.


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