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how to sell advertising space

how to sell advertising space

There are many techniques and approaches for how to increase your earnings online. One potential profit-yielding aspect is selling advertising space. If you have unused space on your website, sell it to make even more money. To get the greatest returns, focus on the five most wanted and highly-efficient techniques. These approaches on how to sell advertising space have been proven successful by most online business firms.

  1. Identify the kind of advertising fit for your online business Web page. The word “fit” is given emphasis because your goal is to draw more and more traffic. This means that the ad space you’re selling should be filled with ads that are relevant to your own content, and vice versa.

    For example, if you’re selling health products and your target market is teens, don’t offer ad space relating to sex enhancement products. Instead, your ad space should be for products for babies and infants, good toys and books for children, or anything that promotes a child’s wellness.

  2. Pre-determine the type of ad space you’ll sell. It can either be a banner space, pay-per-click or direct advertising. It doesn’t matter which is appealing to you. What’s important is that you attract buyers, and eventually they will buy your ad spaces.

    Among the three types, banner space is said to be the most common one. There are online businesses that aren’t really sold on this ad space though because it’s not always attractive to customers. Many people find it more annoying than interesting.

    The newest of all types is pay-per-click. Anyone with small sites can sell this kind of space. Basically, the more clicks you get on your ads, the more you pay, but you can establish a maximum budget.

    Direct advertising means selling ad spaces yourself. This can be difficult in a way because you need to have a specialized kind of traffic to entice advertisers or really have a higher traffic volume. Your site must be impressive enough and its traffic high enough to attract advertisers.

  3. Maintain excellent traffic volume. As much as you want higher returns, so do your advertisers. Business is business. Therefore, advertisers are less likely to post their ads on your site if you have a poor traffic rating. Note that your traffic volume should contain buyers and not just mere grazers and passers-by.

  4. Your prices must be affordable and reasonable. There’s no hard and fast rule on how to price the ad spaces for sale. The pricing rests into your discretion. Some find flat-rate-charging very effective because it ensures you get paid. For example, regardless of how much advertisers make on their ads on your site, you bill them with flat rate. Also, giving out occasional discounts is a good idea.

  5. Use reliable billing software for your advertisers. Selling entails collecting, and collecting entails earning. Gaining more advertisers needs some hard work, but so does collecting bills. Use a software system that keeps good track of your invoices and payments. Remember, getting paid is your objective in setting up your billing software.

These five techniques for selling advertising space have proven to be effective. When you understand how to sell advertising space for your site, you’re likely to hit your maximum earning potential.


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