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How To Sell Advertising Space On Your Website

How To Sell Advertising Space On Your Website

Taking time to learn how to sell advertising space on your website is just one of the many steps toward earning extra income on a regular basis. Like any other kind of online business, selling advertising space can be puzzling, especially for starters. Although venturing into online advertisements may not be profitable at the start, there are still ways that could maximize your capacity to earn.

  1. A website or blog is necessary. Whether what you have is a website or blog or both, it must generate higher and higher traffic each day. Selling ad space is more viable when there are more visitors and online users coming to your site. You should be patient enough to locate potential advertisers and at the same time set up an efficient program or online technology for collecting payments from your clients.

  2. Know the different types of ad models. There are numerous advertising models available to online businesspeople. Among those, there are at least three top choices, such as the cost-per-impression, or CPI; cost-per-action, or CPA; and cost-per-click, or CPC.

    You’ll that these three have their respective edges and loopholes. Thus, you should choose which type or types best suit your business objectives.

    Regarding the CPI model, the ad host gains a particular award each time that the advertisement is seen, viewed, or spotted by the traffic and visitors on the site. The higher the viewers, the higher the award earned by the host. The CPA model requires a certain user to complete a given task before an amount of money is awarded. That task can either be buying products or filling out surveys. The CPC is said to be the easiest and least-complicated. The payout happens every time a user or visitor clicks on the ads.

  3. Observe proper ad placement and appropriate format. On first glance, the ad must be catchy to generate more earnings. The overall appearance of an advertisement is dependent on its format and design. Note, however, that even if the design is perfect, if it’s situated in the wrong area its chance of being noticed is lessened.

    The trending advertisement format online is a thinner, rectangular banner with various measurements. Sites that have higher traffic volume are using either the 728-by-90 or 468-by-60 pixel dimensions. Smaller-size rectangles like the 88-by-31 and the 300-by-250 are also popular these days.

    In most cases, on successful sites ads are usually place on the upper right of the page or right below the navigation bars. Some designers like the bottom part of the page. Putting an ad on the upper left area of the page also works for left-handed online surfers.

  4. Contact potential clients and develop a persuasive ad page. Selling ad spaces will go a lot faster once you inform your clients that you’re doing it. Contact your client directly and tell them the details of your site. Take extra effort to convince them why it’s better to choose your site for their product promotions and other ads.

    Expand your marketing style by putting an ad information page on your site. The main theme of such page is to persuade customers to do business with you. It should provide sufficient details to your clients, including discounted rates and free bonuses for advertising on your site. A good page can include an outline about your ad concepts as well as the objective of your site. Also, indicate the sizes and formats available with the corresponding prices. It’s recommended that you also provide a sample ad; you can put it where a regular ad would appear on a regular page.

For online businesses of whatever nature, regardless of the kind of goods offered for sale, to reach your desired amount of sales depends on the marketing strategies used. The fundamentals governing how to sell advertising space on your website are easy to understand. Just be persistent and bring your drive to earn.


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