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How to Sell Art Online

How to Sell Art Online

One of the pleasures of being an artist is sharing your art with the world and provoking in others, a different way of seeing, feeling, or thinking about the arts. And when other people actually think well enough of your art to pay good money for it, that can be a very affirming, fulfilling feeling. With the world getting smaller and more interactive through the accessibility of the Internet, getting your art to a larger number of people is much easier. Why not take advantage of getting your art out into the world and giving others something to hang on their wall or display in their space, take pleasure in, and treasure for a long time? Simply learning how to sell art online will help make your art known

  1. Evaluate your artwork financially. Before starting, know exactly what you’re selling, what it cost you to produce, what is its value to you, and the selling price for similar pieces in your locality and online. Most of the time, the materials used for a piece of art can be minimal, but the hours and the effort you put into it makes it priceless in your eyes.

    You have to find a balance between what you would like to get for it versus what the market is willing to pay for a work of a similar nature.

    Although this may seem like compromising, you need to be realistic, and until you can establish a following, you need to first make a name for yourself. However, if you do already have people clamoring to buy your work, then probably you already have galleries or sites offering to market your work for you. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to know your way around the online art community and have more control over marketing your artwork.

  2. Know the medium. The Internet is a wonderful, convenient and effective way to get connected with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. It helps you find and build networks, a support base, a community with whom to share your work and touch base with others who share your interests.

    Having a personal presence along with your work gives it more value to the people who buy art and can help sell your work. But to harness the full potential of the Internet, you need to know how to use it to your advantage. Have your own website, write a blog, and optimize your site (search engine optimization), join online art communities and sites, and make friends online. Put in the hours to make yourself known. Comment, comment, comment on other sites and make sure to provide a link back to your own.

  3. Know the market. You ought also to know your market as well as you know your own art. Who are the people to whom your art appeals? Who are the people most attracted to the work you do? Where do they hang out, and what sort of sites do they visit?

    In order for you to make a dent in the online art world, you have to be savvy about your marketing strategy. You can’t just throw your work out there and hope someone will recognize and pick it up. There are millions of artists with varying levels of talent, different means of expression, and various products vying for attention all over the Internet. Find your niche and focus. It doesn’t mean limiting yourself but rather involves building your influence little by little. When your computer skills and online presence is stable enough, then you can look to expand your wings and explore other territories. Take it one bite at a time, and keep working at it.

  4. Know the money trail. When looking to earn, transfer, or channel money online, you have to be knowledgeable about payment options. Enlist with PayPal or other creditable online partners that will enable you to receive money securely. You must look out not only for your own interests but also that of your customers. Giving them a credible means of transaction will ensure their trust in you, and making it easy and secure for them to pay will give them confidence in doing business with you.

Selling art online is not just about making money. As an artist, your biggest desire is to make art, art that will be shared, appreciated, valued. So it’s not about how to sell art online, but about how to get your work out there so that people who will appreciate and value your work will have the chance to get a piece of it to share and enjoy and maybe pass on to coming generations. It’s about sharing your passion and your life’s work. For such a worthwhile undertaking, no amount of effort is big enough. Therefore, put in the necessary work, and it will all pay off in the end.


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