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How to Sell Internet Advertising

How to Sell Internet Advertising

Traditionally, advertising is done through print. This has been the comfort zone of most advertisers. However, with the development of technology, a lot of advertisers turned to the Internet to take advantage of its wide reach. In fact, statistics have shown that selling Internet advertising has boosted retail sales up to an average of 10 percent. Consumers are also becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. Therefore, for marketers, it is important to know how to sell internet advertising. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Establish a website. It’s hard to sell an advertisement on a website without much traffic. Remember that advertisers prefer to place their ads on well-established and long-running websites. Therefore, before you start selling internet advertising, make sure that you have an established online presence first so that advertisers will be attracted to your site. For already established websites, you can add a history and milestones page on your site so that advertisers will be more attracted to you. For new websites, you can highlight your achievements and the opportunities that you have for future growth.


  2. Launch a reader survey. This is important to get an idea on how to get your first clients. Remember that when you are selling internet advertising, you are basically selling it to your audience, which is your readers. The more that you know about your readers, the more that you can pitch your site to your potential advertisers. You can do this by creating a survey to find out the demographics of your readers and their interests. You could also do a case study if you already have existing sponsors just to show what you can offer to your future advertisers. If you do not have a previous sponsor, perhaps you can offer potential sponsors a discounted rate or a pay per click campaign.

  3. Create an advertising page. An advertising page is a separate page independent of your website that tells people and potential advertisers what to do if they are interested in advertising on your website or blog. The page should have your contact information and sales pitch. If you know about marketing, you could even create an advertising kit that includes the specifics of your website, such as site rankings, traffic, reader profiles, advertising options, and rates. You can provide it as a free download for advertisers.

  4. Offer unique ads. The common ways of selling internet advertising is through text links or banner ads. You can deviate from this trend and offer your potential advertisers something more exciting. Be creative and innovative. For instance, you can offer them ads by means of contests or newsletters. Through these non-traditional ways, your readers are bound to notice these ads more. In fact, you can even charge a premium price for this service.

Knowing how to sell internet advertising is important if you want to be able to effectively market your website to advertisers. You will need to put time and effort into turning your website into a great platform for advertisers.


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