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how to send fax from iPhone

how to send fax from iPhone

Fax, a shorter term for facsimile, relies on telephonic transmission to send scanned documents or images to another fax machine. This is why fax machines require a telephone line. But most people do not own a fax machine or use one enough to even justify owning one. Learning how to send fax from iPhone can be useful for iPhone users as faxing, though outdated, is still sometimes necessary. Here is how:

  1. To fax from your iPhone, you need an Internet connection.

  2. Sign up for an email fax service. There a lot of free fax services online, including MyFax, FaxPipe, eFax, and TrustFax. They enable you to send fax through e-mail and the Internet. These fax service providers integrate into your current e-mailing system without requiring the installation of any software. It is hassle-free and lets you fax without having to use a machine.

  3. Once you have signed up with a fax service provider, you can simply create the text or message that you want to fax using your iPhone in an e-mail.

    Then you can send it to any fax number.

Also, after signing up, you can also receive fax messages from other people. They will be in printable PDF files so they are easier to read. Learning how to send fax from iPhone only requires signing up to a fax service really. The rest is just performing the everyday task of sending an e-mail from your iPhone. This capability will simplify your life, and youÂ’ll never have to find another fax machine or pay to have anything faxed anymore. You just need your iPhone, and you are definitely good to go.


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