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how to send flowers to a hospital

how to send flowers to a hospital

Hospitals are not really for sick people, but they are dedicated to heal people who hope to feel better. Sending a bouquet of flowers to a hospitalized individual is like giving him tons of support so he may recover as soon as possible. If you are not sure about how to send flowers to a hospital, let us discuss the factors you need to consider. Flowers can bring so much relief and encouragement to a sick person. However, before you can send flowers to a hospital, consider how it will affect the patient’s health. Think about the microbes, color, scents, and allergies. Find out if there are restrictions on what the patient is allowed to receive in the meantime. The tips below can help you send fresh flowers to someone dear to you in the hospital:

  1. Send flowers promptly. These days, hospitalizations tend to be shorter than before. Therefore, you have to send flowers as early as possible or as soon as you learn about the hospitalization. Make sure that your flowers arrive bef0re the patient is released.

  2. Call the hospital.

    It is better if you know the reason for the hospitalization. Dial the emergency room, surgery department, maternity department, or information desk so you can confirm the exact condition of the patient. Identify the hospital wing and the room number where the patient is staying. As much as possible, ask if the patient’s doctor has left a message disallowing visitors in the meantime. The nurse’s station should be able to advise you regarding the restrictions imposed about receiving flowers. If there are restrictions, you might consider sending flowers to their home.

  3. Buy appropriate flowers. Actually, you can send any type of fresh flowers. However, since you are sending them to a patient in the hospital, it is best to choose flowers or plants that are “hypoallergenic” or low allergenic. A majority of the hospital rooms don’t have good ventilation, and the space can be very small. These factors can aggravate allergies, and the patient may not be able to bear with the pollens coming from the flowers. If this happens, your flowers can end up gracing another area like the nurse’s station.

  4. Send floral arrangements without food items included. Most hospitals, if not all, subject their patients to a restricted diet while they are undergoing medication usage. Every patient may have a specific diet program depending on the diagnosis. Therefore, it is not really practical to send food items along with the flowers. If the patient is a young child or infant, don’t include candies or balloons with your flowers. Anything that has a long string or a latex component is not safe since these are considered choking hazards.

  5. Consider the scent of the flowers. If the hospital allows you to send flowers, carefully consider the scent even if the patient is not allergic to any flower. It is possible that the sense of smell of people currently receiving medications is altered. For example, the scent of red roses may be unbearable to some people including the patient. Therefore, before placing your order, verify first the scent of the flowers and ask the florist if such a scent is tolerable when smelled by someone in the hospital.

  6. Choose brightly colored flowers. Since your purpose is to cheer up the patient, send flowers that have bright, bold, and cheerful colors. Colors like pink, white, yellow, green, and blue are very refreshing to the eyes. They signify new life, hope, healing, and rebirth.

  7. Add a personal note. Your note must contain humorous lines in order to make the patient smile. Tell the patient that you will treat him for a dinner date so he can have something to look forward to after getting out from the hospital.

Sending flowers to someone who is sick can be difficult. However, if you are aware of the basic rules on how to send flowers to a hospital, you can always give your loved one a bouquet of get-well-soon floral arrangements anytime. Sending beautiful flowers is not only rewarding on your part but will also serve as an encouragement to the person receiving them.


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