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how to send flowers to someone

how to send flowers to someone

Sending fresh and lovely flowers to a person close to you is a very sweet gesture. You can send flowers anytime, even when there is no special occasion. A bunch of flowers sent to your partner, a close friend, or a family member is another way of telling the person you care. However, not everyone knows how to send flowers to someone special. Sending flowers need not break your budget, whether you are ordering online or dealing with a local flower shop nearby. Read on below to learn the step-by-step guidelines for buying and sending flowers inexpensively:

  1. Know your purpose. Sending flowers should mean an expression of care and not to give the recipient the wrong impression. Therefore, you have to be careful in your gestures. Learn some of the basic etiquettes in sending flowers so you can avoid offending the feelings of other people.

    If you are sending flowers to express sympathy, it is crucial that you take note of the family’s culture and traditions. If the family members have not announced any requests, you can send sympathy flowers to a funeral home, or for a cremation service, or for a funeral service.

    However, if the members have requested donations instead of flowers, it is recommended that you honor their preference.

    If you are sending flowers to express a romantic feeling, choose a dozen fresh, red roses. While most men prefer to send red roses in order to show a loving interest, you can still make another choice other than roses. If the woman you like loves a certain type of flower, you should capitalize on that by sending her such a flower. That will increase your chances of winning her since meeting her particular interests demonstrates love for her personal desires and what brings meaning to her.

  2. Choose the right color. A particular flower shade conveys a hidden meaning. While red means passion and beauty, blue indicates serenity and tranquility. Pink conveys innocence and purity, whereas purple signifies pride and dignity. White shows reverence and admiration, whereas yellow is more of optimism and friendship.

    If you want to express good health, choose green plants with a few choice flowers; if you want to manifest enthusiasm and positive energy, an orange color is a good choice. To boost the femininity of the recipient, send a lavender flower.

  3. Decide on the quantity. Sending a single rose imparts a different meaning than giving a dozen flowers. You need to consider the occasion involved so you’ll know the appropriate quantity. You would not want to send a flower wreath to your partner on your anniversary or a few individual flowers to a funeral service.

  4. Call a florist in the area where you intend to send the flowers. Other than paying the price of the flowers you plan to send, you also have to shoulder the delivery fee. The shorter the delivery distance, the lower the price. To maximize your savings, you can contact a local church in the area and inquire if someone is willing to get the flowers from the flower shop and deliver the same to the recipient. In return, you can donate an amount to the church.

  5. Check for delivery specials online. During special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, you can check out the Craigslist for online stores offering delivery services. Ask if they deliver flowers in a box or vase. Sending flowers in a box is recommended if the delivery distance is farther away. However, you can choose an elegant vase if the recipient is living or working in a nearby location.

Flowers are very refreshing to the eyes; that is why, anyone who receives a flower experiences joy, relief, and happiness. If you are having a hard time trying to decide how to make a surprise or express your feelings and deep thoughts, just refer to these guidelines on how to send flowers to someone. Use beautiful flowers to convey your emotions in a way that no degree of spoken words can match.


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