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how to send flowers to someone in another state

how to send flowers to someone in another state

Whatever the occasion is, celebrate it with flowers to please the receiver.  This is easy when the recipient is just within your state or vicinity.  Should she be living far away, know how to send flowers to someone in another state.  Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Find a reputable flower shop online and place the order.  A very popular site for this is proflowers.com. Usually the payment for this is through your credit or debit card.  Make sure you give very specific information and instructions, such as the occasion, the type of flowers you like, and the name of the recipient with the exact address.  Of course you want the flowers received by your loved one just in time for the occasion.

  2. Go to your local florist to place the order. They will gladly arrange it for you. Most florists have affiliates or branches in other states that will make the delivery possible. Your instructions will be easier to follow when you arrange them in person.  You can also look at their sample arrangements physically or through their websites and choose the one you like.


  3. If you have a friend or a relative who lives in the same state as your loved one, you can request him or her to do the ordering for you at the local florist there.  Of course, this is only possible when your friend is willing and has the time to do it for you. Just be generous in making the reimbursements for the favor.

  4. Before choosing from the three ways suggested above, it is good to ask around for comments or experiences of other individuals who faced a similar challenge.  Learn from the experiences, mistakes and lessons gained by others.

  5. Get the feedback from the recipient. You can ask indirectly by saying, “Were the flowers lovely?”  You can expect her to say “What flowers?” if she did not receive any.  She will definitely thank you if she indeed received them.

Flowers are not only for loved ones.  They can also be a token of appreciation. They are also appropriate for company occasions. How to send flowers to someone in another state is easy to do nowadays; distance is no longer a hindrance for you to give flowers to a special person. A relative or a company you want to surprise or greet from afar can now benefit from your thoughtfulness.


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