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how to send group text messages

how to send group text messages

Group text messages can come in handy for all sorts of situations. For instance, your colleagues at the office may be waiting with bated breath to see if you closed the deal that you all have been working on day and night. Maybe your wife or a close friend has just given birth, and you want to let all other loved ones know. The quickest way to let everyone in your circle know about something is with a group text. If you don’t know how to send group text messages, take the time to figure it out. It is not rocket science and doesn’t require much brainpower. However, the process depends largely on the phone and the features it has. For basic no-frills phone, ones that don’t have group contacts or group messaging, this is how to send group text messages:

  1. Write the text message.

  2. Save it to your phone.

  3. With the message still open, choose the recipient from your contact list and press “Send.”

  4. Repeat step 3 for each recipient.

    isn’t exactly group text messaging, but it’s the closest you can get with a basic phone. If you need to send group messages often and need to be efficient about it, then invest in a phone capable of doing so.

For phones that have no group contact feature but allow you to send to multiple recipients at the same time, this is how to send group text messages:
  1. Write the text message and then choose all the recipients from your contacts list. Some phones may have you do it in the reverse in which you choose all the recipients first before starting your message.

  2. Once you choose all the contacts you want to send your text to, send it off.

For phones with group contact feature, which allow you to create groups in your contact list, this is how to send group text messages:
  1. Go to your contacts.

  2. Create a new group and choose the contacts you want to include. Save the group. It will be added to your contacts list or directory. Should you need to add more contacts, you can still do so.

  3. Write the text and select that group as the recipient.

Knowing how to send group text messages can make your texting productivity soar. Okay, that may be too much of a stretch. But these little tips will help relieve the tedium of repeatedly typing and sending the same text over and over.


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