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how to send money through Wal-Mart

how to send money through Wal-Mart

Aside from being a retail store, Wal-Mart practically does everything that you need in your everyday life including financial functions.  You can send and receive money through “Money Gram.”  This is a welcome idea for most people who frequent the place to shop, so they need not go to another place when they need to send money for domestic or international destinations.  They can save an extra trip with this added service at Wal-Mart.  Here’s how to send money through Wal-Mart:

  1. Approach the money center or the customer service desk of your local Wal-Mart store. These are manned by their ever-friendly and accommodating staff.  Inquire about their service to send money abroad or locally.  Ask also for the fees they will charge.  The fees will depend on how much the amount is you want to send and where the destination will be, whether it is local or international, in practically 190 countries including Mexico, India, and the Philippines to mention a few.  The rates are also reasonable and competitive with other money-sending centers.

    ive study of the rates even shows that it costs less.  More savings is most welcome during these difficult, economic times.

  2. Ask for a Money Gram “Send Money” form from the Wal-Mart staff.  Fill out all the information needed, and be very specific about the name, complete address of the recipient, and the amount you want to send.  The name should be written the same way as the name that appears on any two IDs the recipient can present when he or she claims the money you sent.  Another option would be to send money online to any domestic or local destination from the convenience of your home or office through Money Gram and Xoom. The available areas are any of the Wal-Mart stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and any of the 190 countries on their list.

  3. The clerk assigned at the customer service or money center will bill you for their fees and give you your transaction receipt.  Give this transaction receipt to the recipient for the money either through a call or as soon possible as he or she will need it in claiming the money sent.  You can pay either in cash or using your debit card or Wal-Mart Money Card.  You do not necessarily need a bank account or a credit card to send money, and you can even send money directly to your account like a funds transfer arrangement.

The procedure on how to send money through Wal-Mart is that simple.  It is also a very reliable way of sending money, and it can be transmitted after just ten minutes, the next day, or after a few days depending on your requirements and preferences.  Wal-Mart has been around for such a very long time and has a lot of branches all over the United States.  They have maintained a good following in their retail business over the years and are already a domestic name for most households.  This makes it very convenient for anyone to send money anywhere as one can just do it before or after his personal shopping.  It is totally hassle-free and very fast.  They live by their slogan, “Save money and live better with Wal-Mart.”  This is definitely a welcome addition for what Wal-Mart can do to make life easier for its patrons.


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