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how to send unknown text messages

how to send unknown text messages

Do you have any idea how to send unknown text messages to your friends without letting them know who you really are? First, what we are going to talk about is something that you should not use to harass, intimidate or scare anyone. Rather, this article will teach you how to send messages to someone you know without necessarily revealing your true identity. You might use these anonymous text message services to send a secret admirer message or play a practical, but well-meaning, joke on a friend. Either way, these tricks can be of real use to you. Before anything else, make sure that you have good Internet connection, and more importantly the mobile phone number of the person or persons you would like to send unknown text messages.

  1. Log in to http://txtemnow.com. This site requires no registration and no fees to send anonymous messages. Start by entering the mobile phone number (including the area code) of the intended recipient. Do not use any dashes when entering the phone number. Then key in a contact name (not your real name, of course) to go along with your message.

    You can also leave the space blank so your message becomes wholly anonymous. Before you can type your message, which must not exceed 140 characters, you have to choose the appropriate region of the recipient, either within Canada or America or outside Canada and America. Click “Send the text” button to launch your anonymous message.

  2. Check on http://www.textem.net. Using this website means you agree with its Terms of Use, although on the lower part of the message box that you will fill out later, you would still be required to agree to the Terms of Use. First, fill in the recipient’s mobile number. An optional email address box is also provided. Then you have up to 155 characters available for your message. After that, you will be required to retype a security image. Before you snap on the “Send Message” button, mark the “I agree with the terms of use” box.

  3. Navigate to http://www.anontxt.com. Here, the first box will ask you to enter your name or alias, although you can leave the item blank. The next box referring to your message subject is likewise optional. The third box is where you will key in the 10-digit number of the recipient located either in Canada or in the U.S. Then proceed to the message box where you can write your message using up to 145 characters. Finally, click the “Submit” button and you are done.

  4. Try http://textforfree.net. This is another online option and the directions involved are almost the same with the previous ones. Basically, you have to write down the receiver’s mobile phone number straight, meaning no dashes, and be sure to include the area code. Next, type a short message. Then type your message observing the 140 characters limit. After that, click the corresponding service provider of the receiver, such as Nextel, Cingular, Alltel, etc. Lastly, before you hit the “Send Free Text Message” button, ensure that the required data are all provided.

  5. Go to http://www.txtdrop.com. This site primarily offers free text-messaging service. On the first box, you need to enter a valid and subsisting email address. But because you want your message to be anonymous, you have to create an “unknown” email account, such as a Yahoo or Gmail account. Then key in the mobile phone number of the recipient. On the following bigger box, write your message, and then click the “Send” tab to finally deliver your message.

Most of the websites, if you look at them closely, are trying to make text-messaging real easy, absolutely free and enjoyable. When you know how to send unknown text messages using the Internet, you can anonymously make a friend smile or laugh … or maybe reveal your true feelings to your crush. Either way, keep your message wholesome and kind when you keep your identity as an unknown sender.


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