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how to service your car

how to service your car

Learning how to service your car is imperative because you cannot afford to have an auto-repair expert help you out every time. Good maintenance keeps your car in good condition and ready to meet the demands being on the road. As an owner, you ought to perform appropriate maintenance checks on your car regularly. Simply put, you cannot ask for more from your car unless you give back to your car with regular outstanding maintenance. Just like the human body, your vehicle requires maintenance. Holistic car maintenance is the best way to maintain a car. The concept of maintenance is not limited to the engine alone but includes the whole vehicle. To be a good vehicle owner does not require you to be a mechanic. As you drive your car each day, you can feel and listen to how the engine runs. By simply looking at the exterior and the interior of your car, you can identify the parts that need repair. Anything unusual in your car must be addressed before the problem gets more complicated. The following tips can help you maintain your car.

  1. Check areas where oil is present.

    Check the engine oil and the transmission or gear oil. The inspection frequency depends on the age of the car. If your car is a little older, then you should check more frequently.

    If the oil is not at the proper level, then you must put in additional oil to meet the required volume. Change your car’s engine oil as recommended by the manufacturer. The oil is the life of your car engine. It is the lubricator, and it also acts as the cooling agent to all moving parts inside the engine. Too much heat and not enough lubrication can speed up the engine’s wear and tear and will eventually lead to total engine failure.

  2. Conduct a general tune-up. Having your car engine thoroughly checked by a professional or an experienced auto mechanic is highly recommended. Parts like the spark plugs, alternator, timing belts, radiator, air conditioner, heater, the lines and hoses supplying fluids, fuel and air filters, the distributor, and the fuel injection pumps should be checked, cleaned, calibrated, repaired, or replaced if necessary.

  3. Maintain the interior of your car. Maintaining the interior should be done on a regular basis to avoid dust and dirt accumulation. It is best to vacuum the car after one week of use. Replace the seat cover every so often. Empty out unnecessary things, such as paper documents, cloth, and other things that should not be there in the first place. Organize your car’s interior to make your driving experience more comfortable.

  4. Wash the exterior to keep the color of the paint vibrant. Washing should also be done on a regular basis. Road dirt can easily accumulate on the car’s body and on the under chassis construction.

    The under chassis should be sprayed with pressurized water to remove dirt underneath the car. If mud and dirt are not removed, they can cause corrosion, which will damage your car’s under chassis.

  5. Check your tires, brakes, signals, head lights, and the windshield wipers. Check the tires of your car for wear, the wheel balance, and also if the tires are well inflated. Make sure that the signal lights and head lights are neither broken down nor wrecked. Check the wiring system to avoid any short circuiting. See to it that your windshield wipers are working well so that you do not have any problems in rainy or wintry conditions. The wipers are responsible for windshield visibility while on the road.

By learning and eventually doing all these maintenance tips on how to service your car, you can be certain that your vehicle will last longer. Also, you are spared from spending money by going to an auto repair shop. All these tips are very easy to follow.    


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