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how to set up a home wireless network

how to set up a home wireless network

Learning how to set up a home wireless network will get you connected from anywhere in your home without needing any wires. Here are some easy steps to guide your home wireless network setup.  

  1. First, check all the devices that will connect to the network. Make sure that they are all working and wireless ready.

  2. Connect to modem to the Internet. The connection must be some form of broadband or high-speed Internet because dial-ups cannot be used for a wireless network

  3. Connect the router to your modem. A router transmits the signal throughout the whole network. Note that there are many kinds of routers.

  4. Here are the instructions for each: There are modems with a built-in router; they’re called modem-routers, and there are computer that have built-in routers as well. Usually, the router will work as soon as there is an Internet connection. If not, you can contact your Internet service provider for instructions to configure your modem router.


If you have a separate router, the next thing that you have to do is to configure the router to your system. There are different brands of routers and different ways to configure them. Check the back of your router and copy the IP address. Open any web browser, and type in the IP address into the search box. It is better to do this on the computer trying to connect wirelessly. Afterwards, a router configuration page will be displayed, and it might ask for a username and password. Now, this also depends on what type of router you have. For reference, here are some of the default username and passwords for some of the most used routers. For 3Com, D-Linksys, and Microsoft Broadband, the username and password is both “admin.” For Netgear, the username is the word “admin” and the password is also the word “password.” Lastly, for Actiontec, the username is “username,” and the password is “password.” There will be an option to change both so that other people can’t use it. Change them if you want, but remember to write it down in case you need them again. Now it’s time to connect other devices, such as your other computers or laptops, printers, fax machines, game consoles, and so on. With just four simple steps on how to set up a home wireless network, you should be able to connect your devices properly.


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