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How to Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium

How to Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium

Having an aquarium is like putting a piece of the ocean in your home.  How to set up a saltwater aquarium is not easy.  Proper planning and research is needed, especially for first timers.  This will help ensure success in your new project.  Cost should also be considered as the tank alone is not cheap. Furthermore, it is a work in progress as you need to maintain it regularly.  Investments in time and effort is also necessary.  Here are ideas on how to get started:

  1. Envision how you want your tank to look and study all the aspects.  You can do research on the web, check with your local fish supplies shop, talk to seasoned aquarium keepers or read books and resource materials.

  2. Purchase all the needed materials as soon as you know what you want.  It is best to buy a bigger tank as some breeds of fish need a bigger area to swim around.  If confined in a small space, they can get stressed out and may contract stress related conditions like “itch.” Test the tank for leaks by filling it up with 1/3 water and look around the tank for any minor drips.

  3. Find a location that is not near a window or door as the opening can make the temperature of the water unstable.  It is important to keep the temperature stable at 73 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit to best mimic the fish’s natural habitat.  Make sure three or four electricity outlets are available.

  4. Clean your tank thoroughly on the inside and outside – the same goes for the decorations you want to put inside the aquarium.  Rinse the sand to wash away the dirt that can contaminate the water. Position your tank and level it. If your tank is not leveled properly, it will be prone to leaking as well as being an eye sore.  Put in the vinyl background on the side of the tank that is facing the wall.  Spread the sand on the flooring of the tank and level it too.  Put in the decorations according to your preferences.

  5. Now you are ready to install the electrical systems. If you are not familiar with electricity, call an electrician to install it - keeping in mind that it should have proper grounding for the safety of you and your fish.  Fill your tank with de-chlorinated water and test the equipment. Make some finishing touches on your decorations and add in salt mix. Test the salinity and gravity of the water using a hydrometer. The water should settle down after two days.

  6. Put in your fishes one at a time for best results.  Observe them as they swim around your new tank.  If you think everything is fine, add in more fish until you reach your desired number. Do not put in more than aquarium can handle. Feed them twice daily with a variety of fish foods available at your local pet shop.

Knowing the tricks on how to set up a salt water aquarium can be fun and enjoyable.  It makes a great hobby for everybody in the family.  Keeping fishes as pets is a good idea as they are not noisy.  All you actually need to do is maintain the aquarium to ensure the health of your aquatic pets. That way, you can enjoy this beautiful underwater adventure right in your own home.


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