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how to set up hotspot on iPhone 4

how to set up hotspot on iPhone 4

Would you believe that a mere cellular phone can be used as a source of internet access for any surrounding electronic devices that are Wi-Fi ready? Yes, that is entirely possible with the latest iOS4 iPhone technology. If you have this gadget, you should know how to set up hotspot on iPhone 4. When completely set up, your phone can be a hotspot Wi-Fi internet connection. Internet technology has greatly changed the way people communicate and socialize with others. It makes the whole world a lot smaller, right in your hands. With just a few clicks, you can keep in touch with your loved ones and friends out there. With the introduction into the market of many cellular phone models equipped with internet capacity, you can comfortably manage your affairs anywhere and anytime. This is the magic of combining high-end cell phone technology and internet technology. Setting up your iPhone4 as a tethering device is something new. Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Call the customer service.

    The first step is to call your iPhone carrier’s customer service number and inquire if your data plan will allow you to add tethering in your iPhone applications. You can also access your account on the internet and check for yourself whether your plan allows you to make use of the tethering services of your iPhone. If so, then follow the procedures on how to activate your hotspot. Don’t be surprised if the tethering service costs you a little extra.

  2. Tap settings on your iPhone. Once you have the tethering device activated in your carrier account, tap settings on your iPhone and then the hotspot icon. You can choose either general or personal hotspot.

  3. Turn on the toggle switch by swiping in it. Enter your password if you do not want to use the password provided by default. Your tethering application must be secured by a password to keep your accounts protected.

  4. Turn on the hotspot application. At the top of the screen of your iPhone, a blue color that signifies that the hotspot is properly activated. It will detect all the devices within its range. These devices can now readily access the internet via your iPhone.

  5. Power on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When a command prompt pops up that requires you to turn on your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, turn them on. If you want a wireless connection, you can use the Bluetooth and a computer connection. If you also want a wired connection, you can use your iPhone’s USB cable connection and connect it with your computer or laptop.

  6. Use your personal computer. Your computer can be used to access the internet via your iPhone hotspot. Go to the Start menu and then access the control panel. Once you are in the control panel, click on Bluetooth device. Set the Bluetooth to make it discoverable.

    Then go to “System Preferences” and select Bluetooth. Click it to set up a new device. Follow the instructions. Once the iPhone 4 is connected to the computer and is set to personal hotspot mode, the Bluetooth status bar will illuminate in blue and will automatically indicate any connected devices.

    You see how versatile the recent iOS software is? This gadget was developed by the Apple Company. According to technocrats, the software simply turns the 3G iPhone into a mobile, much more flexible Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that you do not have to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot area in order to access to the internet.

Furthermore, you do not have to attach messy, dangling USB cables to gain internet connection. The good thing about this technology is you can share it with your close friends, family, relatives, and office mates. To stay up to date on the latest iPhone 4 developments, just check updates. The download process will not take more than 30 minutes with a broadband connection. The items we have identified above are the basic steps on how to set up a hotspot on the iPhone 4. Truly, the competence of your iPhone device paired with the latest iOS Apple software takes the internet session into another level.


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