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how to set up voice mail

how to set up voice mail

More people are now using voice mail, voice banks, or voice messaging because it is a more personalized way of communicating with others rather than leaving a mere written note. Being able to know how to set up voice mail can greatly help you in conveying your recorded message to anyone calling your cellular mobile phone or landline number. Traditionally, the voice mail system is more about presenting a pre-stored voice message or information using a device called an answering machine. Most, if not all, cellular phone telecommunication companies these days have included a voice mail system in their services to meet the need of their growing client base. Landline phones as well as corporate PBXs have voice mail services too. Let us study the steps on how you can successful set up your voice mail system on your phone.

  1. Identify your particular voice mail number. For this item, all you need to do is to follow the instructions of your service provider as to which keys or numbers to dial in order to gain access on your specific voice mail number, and then leave a message on it.

    The number combinations vary from one service provider to another.

  2. Provide a pass code. So that you don’t forget your pass code, select a number combination that is easy to recall, such as birthdays, anniversary dates, or any other lucky numbers. Whatever your number combination, remember that your pass code is designed mainly to secure your privacy. In essence, keep your pass code private.

  3. Record your message. Generally, your voice mail must contain a greeting (or greetings). In business, the message would include your name, job, position, and company name. If there are instructions you would like to convey, state them also. For home use, you can be a little more creative with your message. Indicate how soon you can make return calls or the time when you are likely to check the caller’s messages.

    Outgoing messages generally have a 30 seconds limit, so try to state your voice mail in a very clear manner, meaning don’t rush with your words. Besides that, your greetings should be as cheerful as possible so that all callers can be assured that their messages will surely be attended to later on.

  4. Know the notification system of your phone. You need to learn and be acquainted with the signal or alert that your phone makes whenever there are messages received. In that way, you can attend to your phone promptly.

  5. Attend to your phone’s inbox. As far as possible, your inbox should have more than enough space so it can accommodate more incoming messages. In other words, it is not advisable to overload your inbox with messages that are no longer necessary. Once you hear an alert or signal, attend to it as early as possible, and then delete the message so that you can provide extra space for other incoming messages.

  6. Check the special features of your voice mail system. Verify with your service provider if there are directions and guides you can follow so you can access any available extra features on your system. For home use, a number of service providers offer the ability to hear and answer incoming mails in an area other than where your phone is located. For example, access may be gained either through a special telephone number with specific pass code or through a computer.

Voice mail has long been proven beneficial both for home and business use. These days, this system is gradually replacing the use of the traditional answering machine in many household settings. The main advantage of knowing how to set up voice mail is that you can let other people know that you are not available as of the moment to answer the phone call. If you are always on the go, voice mail can help you make return calls on all of the important messages left on your phone.


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