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how to sew a Christmas stocking

how to sew a Christmas stocking

Knowing how to sew a Christmas stocking is one childhood activity that you can pass on to your children to help preserve old family customs. It may not be the fad anymore these days, but if you value quality time with your family, you’ll make an effort to pass this on to the younger generation. This will make a good diversion of their time away from electronic gadgets. Sewing Christmas stockings is easy, and they are appropriate even for children over five years old. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Draw a stocking pattern that reflects the shape and size you want. Add around an inch of extra allowance to your measurement because you will be seaming your stockings together which will decrease the size if you do not give this allowance. Make sure that you’ll have enough space for all the intended contents which is the purpose of Christmas stockings. Prepare the fabric for cutting.

  2. Cut two identical pieces of fabric using your pattern. Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the wrong sides facing out.

    en, sew the pieces together. Leave the top of your stocking open. They must not be sealed if you want to put those gifts in that you've been waiting for. Make the opening wide enough for large gifts to fit. You never know what you are going to get. Better to be ready for anything to be sure. There is nothing to lose but more to gain.

  3. Turn down about a half an inch of fabric and pin it flat. The fold must be outside the stocking at this time.  Make use of the additional allowance you provided when you made the pattern. Hem the fabric into place. This will give your stocking a finished edge on top.

  4. Turn the stocking slowly right side out after the edging. Cut a piece of ribbon to form a loop and pin the loop in place inside the stocking on the far side from the toe. One you've determined the right placement of the loop, sew the ribbon in place. You will now be able to hang your stockings with care anywhere you please.

  5. Decorate the outside of your stockings. Bells and bows are ideal, but you can be more creative than that. You can glue your name on the stocking using felt. Also, add a toe cover, if you wish, and embellish the top of the stocking to match. Use sequins or glitter to make it more elegant. Your own decorating techniques will truly make your Christmas stockings your own.

  6. Make some mini-stockings also to stuff with candy and small gifts. These can be used as Christmas tree ornaments. This is an inexpensive idea that will make your Christmas season more memorable. Children will be so proud of their creations and enjoy the process at the same time. Start doing this activity with your children so that they can encourage their friends to join in the fun next Christmas.

How to sew a Christmas stocking is so much fun for children and adults alike who find pleasure in spending time with family and friends. Male and female participants can do this. This is a stress therapy for adults and a responsible but enjoyable task for children. Being able to make everyone interested in this is not impossible. You can initiate a contest with attractive prizes awaiting the top performers. Equip all concerned with the motivation they need and a sumptuous meal after the exercise. Indeed, this is a wholesome activity for the whole family right in your own home.


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