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how to sew on a button

how to sew on a button

Many people do not know how to sew a button on their pants, sleeves and dress, despite the fact that such a task is elementary. They normally engage the services of someone else to do the work for them. This kind of attitude can leave a small dent in the budget. You don’t have to be an expert to get the job done. Just follow these easy steps and you will be finished in a matter of minutes.

  1. Prepare your materials. Locate the necessary items to make the job quick and organized. Find your sewing needles, thread and scissor.

  2. Look for an appropriate button. If you still have the original button or the spare button commonly attached on the lower side of the shirt, use it. If not, you have to provide a similar kind of button.

  3. Prepare and select your sewing thread. The sewing thread must be of the same color as the thread used on the rest of the buttons. This is very important to produce a uniform look.

    As much as possible, the repaired button must not look like it has been repaired.

  4. Cut your sewing thread. The thread must be cut with a length measuring from your hands up to your elbows. This length will be more than enough. Make sure you provide extra length for the purposes of locking or tying a knot on your final thread as you finish the job.

  5. Choose your sewing needle. Make sure that your needle in not contaminated with rust or some kind of corrosion. Rust or corrosion can cause small stains on your clothing. The size of your needle must compliment the holes of the button you are using.

  6. Insert the thread into the needle hole and lock the thread on its end. If you have poor eyesight, ask someone else to thread the needle for you.

    Once the thread is inserted, tie the end of the thread to produce a lock as soon as both ends of the thread are adjoined. Finally, you are now ready for sewing.

  7. Place the replacement button in position and start sewing. Insert the sewing needle with the thread under the material to be sewn and pass the same into the holes of the button until the end of the thread is fixed right beneath. Insert the needle into the next button hole, this time starting on top and then down under. Repeat this process until all the holes are completely done. Make a tight knot to finally close the thread.

Regardless of the nature of your job, it is best to look presentable. If your outfit is suffering from a loose button, pull out your sewing kit and repair it. No need to go to the sewing shop or alteration tailors. With these steps on how to sew a button, your repair job is sure to be quick and easy!


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