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How to Shave Your Arm Hair

How to Shave Your Arm Hair

Unwanted arm hair can be embarrassing for women and untidy for men if left untrimmed. It is uncomfortable for a woman to wear short-sleeved clothing if she has visible arm hair. It can also be awkward to wear fashionable dresses with highly visible hairs on the elbow or other parts of the arm. The best way to deal with this is to learn how to shave your arm hair. Read on:

  1. Trim your arm hair with a razor. Razors are useful for thin arm hair. If you glide one along the hairy part of your arm, it will trim the long and short hairs. But note that the razor will not completely remove the hairs. It will only prepare you for the actual shaving process.

  2. Try to use a hair clipper. Clipping arm hair is ideal for those who do not want to remove it completely. You can easily set the desired hair length when using a clipper. Ideally, you should make it short so that you don’t have to use the clipper again for a while. To avoid cutting your skin, make sure you know how to operate the clipper first.


  3. Use scissors. A pair of scissors is always readily available. You can use one to trim your excessive arm hair. Use a thin-toothed comb to gently comb your arm hair before cutting it. Snip off the long arm hair carefully and evenly. Make sure to trim in one direction to prevent the hair from growing back in contrasting patterns. Wash your arms with soap and water after trimming. This method is ideal for those who have long arm hair, but do not want to eliminate it completely as it is lightly colored and hard to notice.

  4. Shave your arm hair using a double-blade razor. Shaving will be easier if the hair is already cut short. Apply the shaving cream first for a smooth process. With the blades facing your skin, pull the shaver gently from left to right. Scrape the razor across your skin again if there is still some hair left. If you have started shaving your arm hair this way, continue doing it regularly, because the hair will grow back thicker. It will look darker if left unshaved.

  5. Take a shower or wash your arm thoroughly with soap. Do not rub your arm with any exfoliating material. You want to avoid irritating your skin. Pat your skin dry then apply a gentle lotion to keep it smooth and moist. Avoid using strong moisturizing lotions at this time as part of your skin will still be sensitive from shaving. Repeat this procedure after a month to maintain the hairless skin on your arm.

If shaving does not work for you, you can shift to waxing or use a hair removal cream. Waxing is normally offered in beauty salons, but you can also do it yourself. It takes a longer time for the hair to grow back. So if you can adjust to the routine and the associated pain, then it is for you. The easiest thing to do, though, is to learn how to shave your arm hair. You can master this skill in no time.


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