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How to Shave Your Balls

How to Shave Your Balls

For men, shaving is almost limited to facial hair. Very few men have the guts to shave their balls, basically because having a sharp object near your genitals can be very intimidating and nerve-racking. If you have not shaved your balls before but are planning to do so now, then you need to block off at least an hour of your time because it may take a while for first timers. However, the more you practice, the more you will be able to master the technique of shaving your balls. Here are the steps for how to shave your balls for first timers:

  1. If you have not cut your pubic hair since it first grew, then you should first trim it to avoid clogging your razor. Using a beard trimmer, trim your pubic area to less than ¼ inch. This will make your pubic hair easier to shave. In addition, the beard trimmer works better than scissors since it will be able to cut your hair shorter. You may also use a clipper with a 0 or 1 blade in it to help it cut with the precision of the razor blade. Avoid using an electric razor because your genital area is very sensitive and you may cut yourself.


  2. Decide on the most comfortable position for you. The easiest way to shave your scrotum is by sitting. However, lying down or standing up are also viable options. Lying down may be a little tricky because it is harder to see what you are doing. You can also try to shave sitting down on a shallow hot water bath since the hot water can help prepare your genital area for shaving. You may also shave while sitting down on the floor to promote stability and ease of access. If you prefer sitting on the edge of the toilet seat, make sure that your pubic area is over a garbage bin for easier cleanup. If you want to stand up, it will be more convenient to shave in the shower.

  3. Lather your genital area with shaving cream, but make sure that the cream is designated for sensitive skin. Avoid the heavily scented ones because they might cause irritation. You may also use an antibacterial shave gel, which is clear, so it allows you to see the area while shaving.

  4. Use a new 3 or 4 bladed razor to shave each area using short and very light strokes. Make sure that the area you are shaving is pulled taut, since loose skin will provide an uneven surface and will increase the risk of cuts. You may shave in the direction of the hair to shorten the hair but not thoroughly get rid of it. If you want to thoroughly shave your balls, you have to shave against the direction of the hair, but while this is an effective way of getting rid of hair, you also have to remember that this increases the risk of getting razor bumps and ingrown hair.

  5. Pull the penis downward and shave from the top of the penis up to the navel. Then, hold your penis to the side and shave inwards on the sides of the penis and the scrotum. Pull your penis upward then carefully shave downwards from the penis to the lower part of the scrotum.

  6. When shaving the scrotum, make sure that you extend the skin to make the surface even. Shave the scrotum from the middle to the sides with great care.

  7. Wash and rinse the area with mild soap and water. Pat dry with a towel and avoid rubbing it since the recently shaved skin can get irritated. To minimize skin irritation, apply antiseptic cream on the area.

Learning how to shave your balls can be scary at first. However, with constant careful practice, the skin on your genital area will become more accustomed to shaving. Just remember to practice caution to avoid cuts and such accidents while shaving your balls.


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