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How to Shave your Dog

How to Shave your Dog

It is not cheap to bring your dog to a grooming center for its yearly shaving. It can sometimes cost up to $140 if your dog misbehaves. Why part with that much money when you can do it yourself? You only have to be knowledgeable about the strategic methods on how to shave your dog to make it easier for you and your pet. Read through for more information:

  1. Sedate your dog using a prescribed medicine by your veterinarian if it does not cooperate. It may not want its movement restricted or become scared of the sight and sounds of clippers. If your dog is relaxed or trusting of you, you can proceed even if your dog is fully awake.

  2. Equip yourself with an acceptable set of clippers. You don’t have to buy what they normally use in dog salons, but at least a professional tool for home use will be ideal. A set usually comes with a size 10 blade, brush and a bottle of oil. The cost of this set may be more or less the same as the one-time shaving fee, but bear in mind that you can use them again and again.


  3. Remove the mats from all over your dog’s body before giving it a bath. This will ensure that the shaver will not get stuck as you try to groom it. Dirt can also be removed faster because it won’t be stored in those tangles. Find a place where you can do it comfortably. If your dog is small, you can do it on a sturdy table. Otherwise, you can pin the dog on the floor.

  4. Find all those tangles by combing your dog’s hair. When the comb gets stuck, do not apply force in removing the mat. Instead, use the tip of the comb to lift it a bit from the skin and trim gently using small scissors. Do this one after the other. Use curved scissors if you have them, but if not, use what you have and just be careful not to get too close to the skin to avoid cutting it too.

  5. Give your dog a bath with a cleansing or flea shampoo after removing all the mats. Soaking your dog to make the flea shampoo more effective should not be done when you are about to shave your dog. Wet fur will cause your clippers to rust. Dry your dog completely using a towel and blow dry before clipping. You can shave it clean totally, or leave longer hairs in some areas for creativity sake. Stay away from the water when blow drying and clipping your dog to avoid electrocution.

  6. Try not to create a bad experience for your dog when you are introducing this procedure to it. Resistance can only occur when it gets hurt, frightful or becomes uncomfortable. Slowly bring the clippers near the head of the dog to let it get acquainted with the sounds. Also, let it feel the vibrations by bringing the clippers to its side. The blade of the clippers must be in a flat position when shaving to avoid cuts. Move in uniformed directions, beginning at the back of the ears. Stay calm and relaxed and never hurry.

  7. Include the feet and legs after shaving the body. Check the temperature of the clippers once in a while. If you think it is already hot when you test it with your palm, give it a rest. Your dog can also feel the heat and can be burned if the temperature is too high.

  8. Use the brush to remove excess hair. Drop some oil on the clippers and do a finishing touch once again to make the shaven areas even. Oiling the blade of your clippers before storing can keep it in good condition.

How to shave your dog is a chore that can be done properly by dedicated pet owners. Are you one of them?


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