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How to Shave Your Legs for the First Time

How to Shave Your Legs for the First Time

For any girl, shaving for the first time may elicit feelings of excitement, nervousness or both. There’s not a set age when you should start shaving, though most girls may start as teenagers because of peer pressure or due to feeling extra self-conscious about their appearance. If you’ve decided that it may be time for you to start shaving, it’s best to consult someone close to you first, such as your mom or big sister. They may be able to help and give you some tips for a successful first shave. For a better first-time experience, you can also read this guide on how to shave your legs for the first time.

  1. Choose a good razor. You should have your own razor because sharing them, even with close family members, is not hygienic and can transmit certain diseases. When purchasing your first razor, simply choose the most basic one—something with two blades. You can try out other types later on and get to know which works best for you.

  2. Take a shower first. A warm shower cleanses your skin of any excess oil, lotion or sweat.

    s ensures that any foreign material is removed and will not interfere with a good shave. Also, exposing your skin to warm water for some time softens the hairs, making them easier to shave off later on.

  3. Prep your legs. Choose a comfortable position that gives you easy access to running water. You should be able to easily reach any area of your leg and avoid having to handle the razor in an angle that causes nicks and cuts. Sitting at the edge of the tub or on a shower seat is a good idea. Just make sure that your position gives you good balance and enables proper handling of the razor.

  4. Apply shaving cream or gel. Either helps the razor glide along your skin and prevents it from going too deep to cause cuts and nicks. It also helps mark the areas where you’ve already shaved. You can choose ones with aloe or other similar ingredients for added moisture after shaving.

  5. Handle the razor correctly. See to it that you are still able to control the razor even in hard-to-reach areas like the back of your legs. When shaving, make sure to skim the razor lightly toward the direction of hair growth.

  6. Shave gently. Since it’s your first time shaving, take your time and be patient with the process. Shave slowly and gently in a straight line. A good technique is to shave along the direction of hair growth from the knee to the ankle. Then, if you want a closer shave, you can apply more shaving cream or gel, and go against the direction of hair growth, shaving from ankle to knee. This step may be challenging for your first time so you can leave it for future attempts when you’ve mastered the proper razor grip and shaving technique that works for you. Do not push down too much on the razor blade as this can cause cuts and “razor burns.” Exercise caution in areas that are tricky to shave, such as the knees and ankles, because of their uneven and bony shapes.

  7. Rinse the razor repeatedly. From time to time, rinse the razor blade with warm running water to prevent the buildup of hair and shaving cream or gel, which may impede the razor’s shaving capability.

  8. Finishing up. Once you’re done shaving, rinse your legs with lukewarm water. Do a thorough inspection to check for areas you may have missed. You wouldn’t want any hairy patches standing out. If you see some missed spots, apply shaving cream or gel and go over the areas with your razor. Afterward, rinse again.

  9. Dry and moisturize. Once you’re done rinsing, pat your legs dry with an absorbent towel. Then, apply a moisturizing lotion, since newly-shaved skin tends to dry up more easily.

Tadaa! You now have the silky-smooth, hair-free legs you’ve been dreaming of. Learning how to shave your legs for the first time can help prevent unnecessary skin irritation and ensure you end up with smooth legs you can flaunt anytime.


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