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how to simplify math equations

how to simplify math equations

Every student has to pass Algebra to graduate from high school. One of the things we usually do in Algebra classes is to solve equations. It may seem difficult at first, but anyone can learn. You just have to know how to simplify math equations. Algebraic expressions are composed of numbers, signs of operation, and variables, which are usually represented by letters. Examples are 5x, 2a, 4c+2. When we say equations, we equate two expressions with an equal sign. Example of equations are 2x+4x =10, 2a+4b = 2+6b and 2a+4a=0. To simplify an equation, it means that you have to break it down to its simplest form. There are various ways to simplify math equations. This is because there are also many types of equations. Depending on the equation, you can apply different rules to simplify. There are certain expressions that can be simplified right away; others require doing some mathematical operations, while some cannot at all be simplified. Let’s first look at this simple equation and try to simplify it. 2x = 4y + 2y + 4z

  1. Add like terms together.

    In this case, the two terms with the same variable are 4y and 2y. If you add the two terms, it will give you 6y.

  2. Now, you have the simplified equation of 2x = 6y + 4z.

Say, for example, there are the positive and negatives to consider: 2x = 4y + 4z - 8z. We can combine 4z and -8z, which becomes -4z. The simplified equation is 2x = 4y - 4z You can also perform operations to both sides of an equation to simplify. It may sound complicated, but you can get the hang of it. Let us simplify this equation: ab + b = 2a – b
  1. First, as always, we combine like terms. In this case, the bs are on opposite sides of the equation, so we can move it by performing theoperation to both sides. In this case, we can add “b” to both sides, so the equation becomes ab + b + b = 2a – b + b, which simplifies t same o ab + 2b = 2a.

  2. Now, we can factor out the “b” variable in both terms on the left side as it is the common term. The equation becomes b (a + 2) = 2a.

  3. Now we can divide both sides by (a + 2) to get the final simplified equation of b = 2a / a + 2

Remember it will take practice and lots of exercises to be able to master how to simplify math equations. Do not be frustrated if you don’t get it the first time. Just continue on learning, and soon it will be as easy as ABC.  


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