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How to Smell Good Without Showering

How to Smell Good Without Showering

Showering every day is the best way to get rid of body odor. For most people, this is already a habit, but you may not want to shower daily. This can have its advantages, especially since it encourages the release of your hair and body’s natural oils, thereby keeping your skin and hair moisturized and well-conditioned. The only problem with not taking a bath every day is that you might smell bad. To combat the funk, here are some ways on how to smell good without showering:

  1. Keep your armpits and genitals clean. Your armpits and genital area are two of the main sources of body odor. Because they are usually not exposed to air, they accumulate bacteria that can produce a foul smell. You can prevent this by at least wiping these areas with a scented baby wipe or towelette. In addition, you can use a strong deodorant and body spray to stay smelling fresh.

  2. Use perfume/cologne and lotion. Strong-smelling perfumes or colognes can keep you smelling good. Be sure to use a top-quality perfume so that the scent lasts.

    Otherwise, you’ll need to keep on spraying frequently. However, do not overdo it, as too much can smell unpleasant. You can also put on scented lotion, especially on exposed skin. This is great if you are wearing sleeveless tops and shorts.

  3. Wear clean clothes. Reusing your clothes puts you at a higher risk of smelling bad, since bad odors tend to stay on the fabric. Even if your old clothes do not smell foul in your opinion, they have already been exposed to all the bacteria and pollution outside, making it easier and quicker for your clothes to reek. After wearing an article of clothing once, throw it in the hamper to wash with detergent and fabric conditioner. Most fabric softeners smell really good, and wearing washed clothes lets the sweet smell linger on your body.

  4. Avoid too much physical exertion. Activities that tire you out will no doubt make you sweat a lot, which makes it hard for you to smell good. Do not engage in activities that require substantial physical efforts, and avoid going outside, especially when the sun is up. If you do go out, do not forget to wear light and breathable clothing. Always stay hydrated and remember to stay put in a comfortable and cool place.

  5. Use baby powder or baking soda. Parents often sprinkle baby powder on their baby’s skin, but there is no reason why you cannot use it too. This will keep you smelling fresh all day without the need to shower. Furthermore, you can use baking soda since it can absorb odors.

  6. Stay away from smelly places. Your clothes can pick up smells from your surroundings, so if you don’t have any plans of showering any time soon, it is best to avoid places where you will be exposed to unpleasant odors. For instance, avoid going to the backyard when someone is using the grill because the smoke will stay on your clothes for a long time. If you can’t avoid such situations, you should bring a fresh set of clothes to change into.

Whether you have no time to take a shower or simply not in the mood, it is important to learn the tips and tricks on how to smell good without showering. Each person has his or her own preferences, and there is really nothing wrong with this practice as long as you are comfortable in your own skin. 


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