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how to solve linear equations step by step

how to solve linear equations step by step

Linear equations are algebraic relationships in which the independent variable is raised to the power of one. What this means is that there is no presence of higher-order exponential variables. It should also be noted that a linear equation of the multi-step variety requires two or more mathematical operations. To solve these problems, you will need to follow a specific order of operations. Learning how to solve linear equations step by step requires regular practice.

  1. You need to combine “like terms.” It is very important to combine “like terms” you can see in the relationship. In this equation, the term means any value in the equation that is being scaled by the variable that is known as dependent. Here, you only need to subtract or add the variable’s coefficients for a single term in the aforementioned variable. For example: if we start with 2x + 5x – 6 = 8, combing like terms will yield 7x – 6 = 8.

  2. On both sides of the equation, we can simply subtract or add the non-variable terms.

    g> This is done to isolate the variable term. For example, 7x – 6 = 8 becomes 7x = 14, after you add 6 to each side of the equation.

  3. You need to simplify the relationship. Divide both sides by common factors until no common factors remain. In our example, 7x = 14, dividing both sides by 7 will yield x = 2.

  4. Study what you don’t understand. If you don’t understand how to solve linear equations step by step, you need to dedicate extra time to studying. Eventually, you will learn the very basic techniques of solving linear equations.

  5. Refer to math books on how equations are solved. There are books on mathematics that can give you concrete examples on how mathematical formulas are used to solve any given equations.

Now that you know a few basic steps in the process, you can practice solving different mathematical problems. If you can memorize the mathematical formulas, you can handle even the most complex problems. Some students grow to love mathematics so much that they enjoy working through linear equations. Whether you are entering an algebra class or simply looking for a review, learning how to solve linear equations step by step is essential.


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