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how to solve square roots

how to solve square roots how to solve square roots how to solve square roots how to solve square roots how to solve square roots

Calculators and other online technologies are frequently relied upon nowadays compared to how it was before. Some students don’t even have an idea how to solve square roots manually. This will cause a problem later on when they have to go through employment testing that does not allow calculators and other gadgets. It is highly recommended that they would at least know the basic formula for solving a square root; and how they are calculated to get the right answers. The intention here is not to go through the complicated equations in solving square roots. General rules are more prioritized just to demonstrate the basic formula of solving square roots. You probably have studied a more extensive version of this, but you will surely be reminded on how basic solutions are worked out.  These strategies might help in refreshing your memory.

  1. Write down the formula of the given problem. If you are asked to find the square root of 4, write an equation that represents the details of the problem. In this case, it is written as:

    ysandhow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/sq1.jpg" alt="" width="77" height="21" /> with the answer, which is 2, using radical signs. In an equation to get the number that could be raised by the power of 2 to get 4 will be written as x2 = 4. The unknown variable is represented by the “X” factor. This would be a more straightforward approach to allow a clearer analysis than reading the problem in words repeatedly without registering the right formula.

  2. Think about the opposite process to check if you got the right square root. When you get the square root of 4, simply ask, “What will you get when you divide 4 by 2?” When you square 2, or raising 2 to the power of 2, or 2 multiplied by 2, it will give you the answer of 4. Reversing the process is a sure way to double-check your work.

  3. Always simplify the square root terms to the lowest equivalent. Getting the principal root or the lowest number that could be raised to the power of 2 to get the given whole number is the ultimate goal of getting the square root. It results in the least “perfect square” when the value can’t go any lower. Analyse these simplified forms:

  4. Break down a whole number into combinations of square roots with lower numbers. The process is called factoring. You can simplify the formula of getting the square root of 144 like this:  giving you 12 as the principal square root. You can do short-cuts to get 12 as an answer, but the breakdown in-between would explain in detail how you get to the principal root.

  5. Simplify as soon as you find factors of a perfect square. Factoring the radicand all the way to prime numbers is not necessary when perfect squares can simplify the equation immediately. Take the case of getting the square root of 72. This can actually be factored as 3X36, but since 36 is a square root, you can miss the factoring process.

How to solve square roots must be one of the hated topics of students in the past though this is because formulas look so technical. Only technical people will love this stuff. However, when introduced in a very simplified manner, it’s actually not that complicated. You just have to open your mind to the techniques that will solve the problem easier. After all, we do not have the choice to skip it because square roots are part of the basic math curriculum whatever course you take. You just have to go deeper when you engage in technical professions.    


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