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How to Soothe Razor Bumps

How to Soothe Razor Bumps

Shaving is a popular method of removing hair for both men and women. In reality, you can shave any part of your body where hair grows. While shaving is a quick and convenient way of removing hair, there might be some side effects when you shave. One of them is the development of razor bumps, which are small, red and itchy bumps that occur at the site of shaving. Fortunately, there are many techniques that you can use in order to soothe these razor bumps and help them disappear more quickly. Here are some of the methods for how to soothe razor bumps:

  1. Avoid shaving. The best thing that you can do in order to treat razor bumps is to not shave at all. If you cannot resist shaving, then at least let your hair grow before you start shaving again. If you shave over razor bumps, this will only aggravate the problem as it will irritate and tear open the bumps, leaving them vulnerable to infection.

  2. Use correct shaving technique. Whenever you shave, make sure that you use lotion, gel, or shaving cream to lubricate your skin and reduce inflammation.

    Leave it on your skin for around one minute so that it can do its job. You may use a badger type of brush in order to apply the cream, and then use high quality, gender specific razors to shave the hair. Shave in the direction of hair growth and do not push the razor on your skin. Even though there might still be a little hair left when you shave in the direction of hair growth, this practice will reduce skin irritation. If you shave in the opposite direction, you will notice more frequent occurrences of razor bumps and ingrown hair.

  3. Apply a hot compress. A hot compress applied on affected areas will reduce swelling and eliminate bacteria, thereby preventing infection.

  4. Apply aloe vera lotion. Aloe vera has natural properties of reducing swelling and soothing the irritation associated with razor bumps. It also protects your skin from the environment, hence forming a barrier that protects the skin from infection and promotes healing of razor bumps. For added soothing effect, you may refrigerate the aloe vera lotion for 20 minutes before you apply it on the affected area. You may also try using antibacterial cream to soothe razor bumps.

  5. Exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation will clear your skin of any dead skin cells, hence making shaving easier for you. In exfoliating your skin, you can use a loofah, exfoliating scrub, mitt, or whatever works best for you.

  6. Consider other methods of removing hair. One of the techniques that you can try is waxing. It may still produce ingrown hairs and razor bumps, but it will not be as severe as what you get when shaving. In addition, the hair that will grow will be finer and less coarse, making it easier for you to wax as time goes by. Another technique that you can use is laser hair removal, which can reduce hair growth and does not have razor bumps as side effects. Just remember that laser hair removal works best on dark hair and light skin, and it is pricey, as you need to undergo several sessions to complete the treatment.

Shaving does not have to be a big problem once you learn how to soothe razor bumps. Aside from shaving, you can also try other hair removal techniques like waxing and laser hair removal in order to avoid razor bumps altogether. If you do develop razor bumps, just follow the measures that are stated above to make them better and less visible.


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