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How to Spot Fake Ferragamo Bags

How to Spot Fake Ferragamo Bags

Although Salvatore Ferragamo is primarily known for his shoemaking skills and beautifully crafted leather footwear, the brand later expanded its product line to include other luxury goods, including handbags. Having established a solid reputation for quality and superb workmanship, this Italian brand is now known as one of the premier designer labels coveted by fashion elites and regular fans alike. Unfortunately, due to its reputation, some enterprising companies and individuals mimic the products to cash in on the Ferragamo brand. Many produce fake goods bearing the name of the high-end Italian designer; therefore, be wary of buying from unknown or non-reputable sellers. Read on to find outhow to spot fake Ferragamo bags.

  1. Look at the stitching. Ferragamo is known for its excellent craftmanship, which shows in the quality of the products. Because of this, the stitching should be perfect, clean, and even—no crooked lines or threads out of place. The exterior and interior stitching should also feel tight. If it's loose or on the brink of unraveling, it's a fake.


  2. Examine the corners of the bag. A genuine Ferragamo bag should not have uneven and sharp ones.

  3. Feel and inspect the material. It should be real leather (calfskin or goatskin) and not cheap, man-made materials, such as leatherette, pleather, or even plastic.

  4. The bag should have tags as well as the brand's name engraved on the bag and its hardware components. “Salvatore Ferragamo” should not be merely printed on them. In addition, make sure the engravings use the proper spelling and the official font style. Compare it to those found on the website.

  5. As for hardware, this includes the charms, zipper pulls, and metal attachments. As previously stated, the brand name should be stamped on each component.

  6. The tags that come with the bag should have a serial number as well as care instructions. Any tag without a serial number most likely means it’s a knockoff Ferragamo.

  7. The zipper should slide open and close smoothly without snagging. If you have some difficulty pulling on it, the bag is likely fake.

  8. The lining should be made of satin and sewn—not glued—into the sides of the bag. Moreover, the interior should not have air pockets or loose edges under the fabric. Real Ferragamo bags have a lining situated flat against the interior. Plus, counterfeit pieces usually don't have “Salvatore Ferragamo” printed on the lining; often, it is blank or solid colored.

  9. The bag should come with a white dustbag featuring a red drawstring and the “Salvatore Ferragamo” logo. Fake ones rarely include it.

  10. Finally, the item should not have a tag indicating “genuine leather.” The brand name itself already guarantees that this luxury product uses high quality, genuine leather.

If you want to be absolutely sure about your purchase, have an authorized Salvatore Ferragamo retailer check the bag. The staff know how to spot fake Ferragamo bags and can determine its authenticity. Lastly, to avoid the headache, consider buying from an authorized dealer or shop; this guarantees that you indeed are purchasing a real Ferragamo bag.


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