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how to sprout broccoli seeds

how to sprout broccoli seeds

Broccoli sprouts are more nutritious for our bodies than most other plants. Sprouting is the process in which germinating seeds become edible in both cooked and raw forms. Just like any other vegetable sprouts, broccoli sprouts are highly nutritious as they are full of enzymes that keep our bodies healthy. Knowing how to sprout broccoli seeds can be very helpful, especially if you are health conscious. The vitamins and minerals in broccoli sprouts can strengthen your immune system. In addition, broccoli sprouts contain a lot of fiber, which improves your body’s digestive system. Since you can eat sprouts raw, you should conduct the sprouting process as hygienically as possible. When attempting to sprout broccoli seeds, you must work in a clean environment. Here are the steps on how to sprout broccoli seeds:

  1. You will need to purchase organic broccoli seeds from an organic shop or seed store. Make sure that you get your supplies from a trusted seller. Also, make sure that the seeds are for sprouting. Seeds intended for growing are very different.

    You will also need a glass jar that has a wide opening and a light cloth to cover the jar.

  2. Put the desired amount of broccoli seeds into the glass jar. Take into consideration that a tablespoon of broccoli seeds will yield a cup to a cup and a half of sprouts.

  3. Pour water into the glass jar, soaking all the seeds. Use enough water to cover all of the seeds. Leave the broccoli seeds soaking in water for about seven to eight hours.

  4. After soaking the broccoli seeds, rinse the seeds properly and thoroughly. Drain them well using a strainer.

  5. Put the seeds back into the glass jar and cover it with the light cloth. The size of the cloth should be just enough to cover the jar. Don’t seal the jar; the seeds require air circulation in order to sprout. Put the jar in a cool and semi-lit room rather than a dark area.

  6. After eight to 12 hours, remove the seeds from the jar and rinse them again thoroughly. Drain them again using a strainer. You will need to do this process two or three times a day until the broccoli seeds sprout. After five to seven days, you should see full sprouting.

  7. After all the seeds have fully sprouted, give the seeds a final rinse. Drain them afterward and put them back into the glass jar. Cover the jar once again with the light cloth and keep it inside the refrigerator to halt the sprouting process and ensure freshness. These sprouts are ready to eat. Consume them within the next two weeks.

Sprouting broccoli seeds may be quite a challenge because you have to deal with the process everyday for almost a week. However, the reward of having fresh broccoli sprouts is worth the trouble. Knowing how to sprout broccoli seeds is very helpful and one way of providing healthier meal options for you and your family.


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