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how to start a box lanyard

how to start a box lanyard

Lanyards – cords worn around the neck or wrist to carry something – are convenient, useful, and decorative. They are used primarily to secure small items that need to be carried around at all times, or tend to get misplaced or must be kept visible. These include badges or IDs, pens, whistles, cellphones, keys, stopwatches, etc. As well as being utilitarian, lanyards are also popular as gifts, craft projects, fundraiser items, etc. So if you’re in the mood to make a lanyard, you can begin by learning how to start a box lanyard. Lanyards can be made of various strings or string-like material, flexible and strong. Thick cord, craft lace, or even plastic drinking straw can all be used. Thin, elastic plastic lace is best, sometimes also referred to as gimp, boondoggle, or simply lanyard, and is readily available in most craft stores. The tube from an IV drip makes wonderful material for a lanyard and would make a great keepsake from a memorable hospital stay, such as a birth. The resulting lanyard can then be used to carry a picture of the baby to hang in the nursery.

For a box lanyard, you need to measure how long you want your lanyard to be. Cut two pieces of string at least four times the length of the finished product. If you’re using a drinking straw, start with only two pieces, regardless of the length of the final lanyard. As you come to the end of one straw, stick another one inside the short end and proceed as before. Just make sure the joints are hidden inside the lanyard and that no open ends show in the corners where they are visible and give an uneven, untidy appearance.

  1. Fold each string in half to find the center. On a flat surface, such as a table or the floor, lay one strand horizontally. On top of it, lay the other vertically so that the centers are crossing in the middle.

  2. Fold the right end of the horizontal strand towards the left, forming a loop near the center where the two strings cross.

  3. Fold the left end of the horizontal strand in the opposite direction, also forming a loop.

  4. Holding both loops down with one hand, take the top vertical strand, fold it over the horizontal strand next to it and weave it under the lower horizontal strand.

  5. Still holding the loops in place, now take the lower vertical strand, fold it over the horizontal strand next to it and weave it under the upper horizontal strand.

  6. You should now have the four strings pointing in four directions like on a compass.

  7. Grasp the four strings close to the center and pull equally to tighten the first stitch. You now have completed the start of your box lanyard. You can pick up the lanyard from the surface and continue doing the stitches by simply holding the lanyard in your hands.

  8. Proceed with the rest of your lanyard by repeating steps four to seven. Make sure the lanyard doesn’t twist when you’re tightening the stitches.

  9. Finish off with a lanyard hook to give your lanyard a neat finish and provide a place from which to hang your items.

You can vary the materials, colors, and look of your lanyards to give them a unique appearance. There are other braiding or stitching techniques as well, and you may eventually want to try others, such as crown knot or rounded lanyard. But for all intents and purposes, lanyards should do what they’re supposed to do: that is, carry items around your neck or wrist or hooked to your belt loop. Once you get the hang of making lanyards, you can make them without even looking. Thus, they are great for occupying your hands while you’re watching TV. Wonder no more about how to start a box lanyard and just give it a go.


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