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how to start a child care center

how to start a child care center

With the number of stay-at-home parents dwindling, researching how to start a child care center in your area may be a good idea. There is a growing trend in mothers who seek employment to boost the family bank account. With this situation becoming more acceptable, having a child care center nearby will be very helpful to these parents. Starting a child care center involves careful planning. Just like any other business pursuit, you’ll need to do a lot of research before opening your business. To help you get a good start, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Choose the location where you want to have a child care center. If a particular area already has a lot of child care centers, you may want to consider another location. Once parents become comfortable with a child center, they tend to continue using that service; therefore, you may have a hard time convincing parents to change centers.

  2. In choosing a location, make sure that there are also families nearby. It is not practical to set up a child center when there are no families with children nearby.

    Location is one important factor for any business to prosper.

  3. Just like any other business, the backbone of it will be the business plan. This will guide you in the business aspect of your project, covering everything from financial aid to marketing strategies. With this in hand, you will not be lost or too overwhelmed when running the business.

  4. Check your local state for rules, regulations and requirements for starting up your own child care center. Each state may have different rules, so you cannot rely on hearsay; you have to get the facts right. There will be certain requirements, such as equipment, manpower, fire alarms and much more. You will have to comply with all the requirements to prevent any future legal problems.

  5. You also must ensure permits, including zoning approval and fire and safety permits. You will need a checklist to make sure everything is completed. It is also wise to secure liability insurance.

  6. Once you have everything in order and the child center is already approved, make a list of everything that you will need to run it, such as school supplies and furnishings. You can also start planning the daily menu for the kids if applicable.

  7. Organize your staff. Delegate all the jobs from the opening of the center until closing. You may also take note of their wages, leaves and other required benefits. Keep a file of your employees and make it a point to run background checks on them. Since you are dealing with children, you have to be careful in choosing your staff.

  8. Check your business plan and set the fee that you are going to charge per child. It is best to charge within the ongoing rate of other centers. You can also make contracts for parents before they enroll their kids. This will include the fee and other items that will protect you and the parents.

  9. Start advertising and marketing your center. You can give out flyers, posters and even do telephone marketing to targeted customers. Include the address of the child care, operating hours and the opening date.

This business is currently in demand, but that doesn’t mean that all child care centers will succeed. If you combine your passion and drive with these tips on how to start a child care center, you just might have that successful business.


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