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How to Start a Clothing Line

How to Start a Clothing Line

If you’ve started research on how to start a clothing line, chances are you have more than a passing or idle interest in it. You may enjoy fashion, have an aptitude for business and design, and want to merge your loves into something you could make a living out of. That’s a good goal to have, and it’s worth exploring. But like any business venture, it requires lots of study, planning, preparation, and hard work. To get things going, here are some tips on how to start a clothing line.

  1. Determine your market. Are you aiming for women’s clothes? Children’s clothes? Teenage fashion? Do you want to sell t-shirts, clothes collections, pants, outer clothes? When aiming for a market, it is best to clearly define your target customer: What’s his or her lifestyle/ budget? Where does he or she usually congregate and shop? What are his or her shopping habits?

  2. Create a business plan. After you answer the questions above, next comes the business plan. This is the blueprint for your business in which you lay out your business design.

    Like the blueprint for a house, your business plan should explain the structure of your business, your company’s vision and mission (which should set it apart from competitors). Who are these competitors, and how you will distinguish yourself from them in the customers’ eyes? Create your brand name and an identity (logo, business cards, catchphrase, etc.) unique to your business and vision.

    Discuss in detail how much money you will need to put up, where to get that money from, how much you expect to earn as profit in the short- and long-term. Itemize how much you need to invest for equipment, initial stock, overhead, contingency, taxes, etc. It should show where and how you intend to source the funds needed as setup capital.

    List the equipment, materials and supplies, and manpower you need. Depending on whether you plan to create the clothes yourself or source them elsewhere, you must clearly enumerate the man-hours required for supplies sourcing, production, shipping, etc.

    Discuss how you plan to promote and sell your merchandise. Where and how will you sell your products – at fairs, at a boutique, or online? Identify potential problems and hindrances to your business success and plan a strategy to minimize or cancel them out.

    All these things must be stated clearly from the start so that you are prepared and to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Putting up a business is a bloody process. But the better you plan, the greater your likelihood of avoiding common business pitfalls that cause unprepared entrepreneurs to fail.

  3. Find the money. To make money, first you need to put up money. You need to study the financial aspects of putting the business together. If you need a loan, the business plan above will give your investors a gauge to assess whether your plan has potential or not, and provide them with a basis to approve or disapprove of your proposal.

  4. When you have the funding, process the papers: Registrations, permits, licenses, legal forms, tax forms, and all the other necessary paperwork must be completed as frugally as possible and in the shortest possible time so you can set up your business up quickly.

  5. As you put up your store (whether at an actual physical location or online) and stock is being prepared for disposal, promote your business aggressively. Blog, advertize, actively and visibly put your business out there. Connect with your target market physically and online. Ensure that your products are of the quality that you want, and start selling your clothing line.

If you know your target market, have a good promotional strategy, and time your store’s opening well, your business should be up and running in no time. However, don’t be disappointed if your products don’t exactly sell like hotcakes on opening day. Give them time. An author once said, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” You will certainly be able to do that with these steps on how to start a clothing line.


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